Adapter converts PC into oscilloscope.

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ADC-212/100 12-bit module plus supplied software turns desktop or laptop PC into high-end l00 million sample/s oscilloscope, 50 MHz spectrum analyzer and voltmeter. Software also allows module to be used for high-speed data acquisition and logging. Module has 80 dB dynamic range, 128 kbyte buffer memory, and low-noise, low-distortion, high-bandwidth front end that provides dc accuracy of 1%. System can detect changes as small as 0.024%.

Original Press Release:

100Msample / sec 12-bit Scope Adapter

Fairport, NY. ADC-212/100 is a new 12-bit module that turns a desk-top or laptop PC into a high-end l00MSample/s oscilloscope, 50MHz spectrum analyzer and voltmeter - simultaneously - and at a lower price than ever before! The free software provided allows ADC-212/100 to also be used for high-speed data acquisition and logging.

With much higher resolution than conventional scopes, ADC-212/100 with its 80dB dynamic range and large 128kbyte buffer memory offers a low-cost test and measurement solution for a wide range of applications like capturing fast- changing signals over a long period of time, still having the resolution to be able to 'zoom in' on areas of interest in both the X and Y axes.

Unlike the majority of 8-bit standalone oscilloscopes on the market today with only 3% accuracy, 12-bit ADC-212/100 has a new low-noise, low-distortion and high-bandwidth front end, providing a basic DC accuracy of 1%. ADC-212/100 has nine input ranges, from +/-50mV to +/-20V, and its accuracy means it can be used with the same level of confidence as a digital multimeter when establishing absolute values.

Used as a spectrum analyzer, ADC-212/100's dynamic range of 80dB gives the ability to detect changes as small as 0.024%. Conventional scopes only offer 8- bit resolution and can't detect signal changes less than 0.4% - ok for most digital electronics applications, but precision analog and audio electronics typically require the detection of less than 0.1 per cent."

ADC-212/100 comes complete with ready-to-use logging and display software from $1045 from stock
* High speed lOOMS/s dual channel oscilloscope

* 50MHz, 80db dynamic range spectrum analyzer

* High resolution - 12 bits. -

* Large 128K sample memory.

* 1% DC accuracy.

* Supplied complete with PicoScope software

* Simply plugs into any desktop or laptop PC

The ADC-212/50 & ADC-212/100 combine high sampling rates (upto l00 MS/s) with a high resolution (12 bits). Together with the supplied software, your desktop or laptop PC can be used as a powerful dual channel oscilloscope/spectrum analyzer.

Both units take advantage of a 128k memory buffer, enabling large amounts of data to be captured at high sampling rates. This allows engineers to capture fast-changing signals over relatively long periods of time. After capturing these signals, any areas of interest can be magnified in both axes, while still maintaining the detail in the waveform.

The 12-bit resolution in the Y-axis gives the ADC-212's the ability to detect changes as small as 0.024 per cent. Conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes only have the ability to detect changes greater than 0.4%, but precision analogue and audio engineers require the ability to detection signal changes of less than 0. I per cent.

Most digital storage oscilloscopes have front end amplifiers designed for high bandwidth, these products are no exception. Unlike most oscilloscopes however, the front end amplifiers also exhibit very low levels of noise and distortion. This low noise and distortion, combined with the 12 bit resolution gives an 80dB dynamic range for the spectrum analyser.

Fairport, New York. Euroquartz - one of the largest European crystal and filter manufacturers - has set up a new Custom Filters Division in UK, specializing in quick-turn design and manufacture of custom electronic filters for defense, telecommunications and related applications. Using the company's own analysis and synthesis software, precision in-house coil winding, assembly, component and environmental measurement capability and performance analysis, each filter is designed and built to perform to - or exceed - customers' requirements for electrical characteristics, reliability and resistance to hostile environments. Euroquartz Filters' manufacturing process is flexible enough to accommodate the manufacture of single units, small batches or volume production.

Typical examples of custom filters produced in the new facility include: a 21.4MHz eight-pole wideband crystal filter with 120kHz bandwidth for satellite monitoring applications; a 19.975MHz crystal filter exhibiting excellent group delay parameters designed for data transmission applications; a 19.85MHz miniature discrete crystal filter designed and manufactured in a very small package; and a 174MHz crystal filter produced in a low-profile package. Euroquartz Filters' CAD programs enable compact passive circuits to be designed using standard components wherever practicable. If non-standard components are needed, they can be quickly manufactured in-house to exacting specifications.

Since all Euroquartz Filters' circuits and the majority of specialized components are manufactured in- house, there are no time-consuming delays due to dependence on external suppliers. Consequently, the company prides itself on delivering customers' orders on time, every time. Euroquartz Group ( ships rapidly worldwide and provides major OEMs with a global manufacturing and supply facility for all types of quartz crystals, oscillators, filters and frequency control products.

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