ADA Railing Kits from Hollaender Require No Welding, No Detailed Design Drawings, and Can be Assembled on Site

CINCINNATI, OH (November 16, 2009) - ADA railing systems from Hollaender ship as a kit of parts, and can then be field assembled and installed. The modular and reconfigurable systems meet the railing requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS). They are mechanically assembled, require no welding, and can be installed using standard labor.

ADA rail is a framework of (usually) two horizontal rails supported by vertical posts, and manufactured from fittings and pipe. This particular type of railing provides a continuous gripping surface throughout its length.

ADA railing systems from Hollaender are all manufactured from aluminum and will not rust or deteriorate. All aluminum components are anodized and hardware is stainless steel. These weather and wear resistant systems result in very low long term maintenance costs. Posts are 1 ½ inch IPS, Sch 80, while grab rails can be 1 inch IPS (1.315 inch OD), 1 ¼ inch IPS (1.66 inch OD) or 1 ½ inch IPS (1.9 inch OD) to meet whatever gripping surface is required by local code.
In areas where code requires a further rail at walking surface to prevent wheelchairs from going off the ramp, an extra rail or toeplate can easily be added.

Hollaender's ADA railing systems provide a grip to help support an individual with a disability. The systems are also used on ramps to help a person in/with a wheel chair, walker or cane safely go up the ramp.

Hollaender systems are used by architects, engineers, contractors, safety managers, government installations, public buildings, offices, banks, schools, and anywhere a person with a disability would need to access, particularly where a ramp is required.

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Hollaender is a manufacturer and marketer of aluminum structural pipe fittings, aluminum pipe, and infill panels, as well as final assemblies that use these components. These components are used in the design and build of handrail, guardrail and safety rail systems as well as a wide variety of unique modular pipe and fitting based structures for commercial, residential, public works and industrial applications, as well for retail store fixtures and other structural applications. These components and systems are marketed under the trademarked brands Speed-Rail® and Interna-Rail®. Hollaender also offers consultation, design, and project management

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