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Powered by FileMaker 9, Creative Management v3.6 includes Main Menu module that lets project managers customize users experience based on employee project functions. Features include standard and customizable reports, ability to invoice clients based on actual submitted time cards and purchase orders entries, as well as resource optimization and streamlining capabilities. Solution provides team members with all tools needed to perform individual and collective job responsibilities.

Original Press Release:

Dynamic Business Solutions Announces New Product Release of Creative Management Software

Creative Management, a powerful advertising agency software, has released version 3.6, which gives users an even more customizable experience.

December 17, 2007, Dynamic Business Solutions ( has recently announced the release of Creative Management 3.6 advertising agency software powered by FileMaker 9 and includes many new custom features.

In this release we have focused primary on what we believe to be the core of Creative Management, the new Main Menu module, which allows project managers the option to customize users experience based on the employees project functions. As part of this new module users may be given access to the standard push button reports or more customizable reports, in addition to many other reports through out the solution. Other equally substantial changes include the ability invoice clients based on actual time card and purchase orders entries submitted.

Creative Management is an easy to use, yet powerful advertising agency software platform that is geared toward project management. With this tool, managers can better optimize and streamline valuable resources, while at the same time provide team members with the tools they need to better perform their individual and collective job responsibilities.

One of the key factors to the Creative Management product is its ease of use. The simple to understand user interface allows for an accelerated learning curve so that the user can master the system in a fraction of the time that other more complicated interface systems often require. Though easy to use, it is still very powerful and has the features that most users will demand. These include: Contact Management and Lead Management, Project Estimate Creation, Request for Quotes, Change Orders, Create Project Orders, Create and Manage Project Deadlines, Traffic Reports, Project Completion Percentage Data, Real-Time Activity of Project Estimate vs. Actual Time Card hours, Assignment of Project and Sub-Project Tasks, Organize and Control Time Cards against Job and Sub-Job Numbers, Purchase Order Creation, Manage Digital Documents, and many other useful features.

To learn more about this powerful advertising agency software, visit and download a free 30-day trial.

About Dynamic Business Solutions - Dynamic Business Solutions of Mission Viejo, CA has emerged as a leading Advertising Management and Project Management Software for the Advertising Industry. Creative Management is a customized FileMaker solution for small to mid-sized advertising agencies.

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