Active RFID Tag utilizes dual frequencies.

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Using 433 MHz for data reception and 916 MHz, 927 MHz, or 868 MHz for data transmission, Model 127007 is suited for asset tracking and monitoring, inventory control, and warehousing. Transmission range is up to 45 m and receiving range is up to 30 m. Ultra-high-frequency device includes automatic wake-up function and uses anti-collision algorithm for simultaneous read capability. Powered by 3 V Li-Ion battery, tag provides 256 kb data storage capacity.

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Compact Ultra-High-Frequency Active RFID Tag

Toronto, Canada - GAO RFID Inc. ( has rolled out its compact active RFID tag highly suited for many applications including asset tracking and monitoring, inventory control and warehousing. It is available with several options including operating frequency, bracket for tamper protection, LED, buzzer, and memory size. It belongs to GAO's RFID Active Tags-433 MHz family of products.

This small form factor RFID tag, model 127007, uses dual frequencies: 433 MHz for data reception and 916 MHz, 927 MHz or 868 MHz for data transmission reception. The transmission range of this tag is up to 45 m and the receiving range is up to 30 m. It features an automatic wake-up function; a long read range, a simultaneous read capability by using unique anti-collision algorithm. The tag has a memory capacity of 256 kb for data storage and a lithium-ion replaceable watch battery. In addition, it is powered by 3 V Lithium-ion replaceable watch battery and is encapsulated within an ABS case to protect it from harsh environments.

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