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Active RFID Solution increases asset visibility.

Press Release Summary:

AeroScout Visibility System (AVS) provides integrated suite of hardware and software products based around proprietary AeroScout Engine v3.0. It utilizes Wi-Fi networks to locate and identify assets or people in indoor and outdoor environments using 3 location modes: Real-Time, Presence, and Choke-Point. Server-based software also includes centralized event management tool, GUI, and set of APIs.

Original Press Release:

AeroScout Introduces The Industry's Most Advanced Wi-Fi-Based Active RFID Solution

AeroScout Engine 3.0 Provides a Complete Suite of Visibility Solutions for a Multitude of Applications

San Mateo, Calif. - December 8, 2004 - AeroScout, Inc., a pioneer in the field of Enterprise Visibility Solutions, today announced the AeroScout Visibility System (AVS), an integrated suite of hardware and software products based around the company's new AeroScout Engine 3.0. AVS is the industry's most flexible and complete solution for Wi-Fi-based visibility of assets and people, and the only solution to enable three different location types as well as telemetry functionality, to fit all user application needs.

"Our customers have sophisticated requirements that range from accurate real-time asset location, to vehicle telemetry, to automated inventory counts, to personnel tracking-and they need a single wireless infrastructure that can do it all," said Andris Berzins, VP of Marketing and Business Development, AeroScout. "AeroScout has introduced the first integrated solution that can meet all of these needs with a single infrastructure, bridging Wi-Fi location and Active RFID at a low total cost."

AVS is a flexible set of hardware and software products that utilize standard Wi-Fi networks to accurately locate and identify assets or people in indoor and outdoor environments. At the foundation of the system lies the new AeroScout Engine 3.0, the core server-based software that provides location and telemetry processing based on data collected over standard wireless radio frequencies. With the release of version 3.0, the AeroScout Engine has added innovative, new and improved features that bring unparalleled capabilities to users. These include:

o Multiple Location Modes - AeroScout customers can now utilize three different modes of location within a single installation, to best fit the precise needs of any set of applications. Real-Time Location mode offers industry-leading accurate positioning; Presence mode offers Active RFID-style zone detection; and the use of AeroScout Exciter hardware enables Choke-Point detection for doorway and gate coverage.

o Telemetry - AeroScout tags now have the capability to retrieve wired serial data and transmit it over the 802.11 air interface to the AeroScout Engine. For example, this enables vehicle fleet managers to wirelessly transmit vehicle data such as mileage and fuel automatically on a periodic basis or as a vehicle enters and exits the lot.

o Event Management - The AeroScout Engine now contains a centralized Event Management tool for configuring system and application level events from a single console, including alerts and notifications.

o Updated User Interface - The Engine GUI has been updated to provide an even greater ease of use and more refined user experience to AeroScout customers.

o Updated APIs - AeroScout has expanded its set of APIs, enabling application partners to retrieve more complex visibility information and control AeroScout Engine operations via the API.

AeroScout's innovative products enable customers to immediately take advantage of the Visibility System's unparalleled flexibility. These products include AeroScout's industry-leading Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tags, the AeroScout Exciter for choke-point RFID detection and the AeroScout Tag Activator for wireless configuration of large batches of tags. Multiple industries, including manufacturing, health care, logistics, retail and others, utilize AeroScout products to help manage their valuable assets and gain better visibility of their operations, thereby lowering costs, increasing efficiency and driving revenue.

American Port Services (APS), announced as an AeroScout customer today, is a perfect example of the benefits that can be realized with AeroScout solutions. APS, a third party logistics provider, has chosen AeroScout to accurately track the real-time location of hundreds of trailers in their Savannah-based cross-docking facility, operated on behalf of the world's largest retailer. APS expects to drastically improve efficiency, increase utilization and throughput, and reduce costs with this implementation. For more information, please see Dec. 8 press release "American Port Services Chooses AeroScout's Active RFID Solution for Yard Management".

AeroScout Engine 3.0 and the AeroScout Visibility System are currently available for purchase.

About AeroScout

AeroScout provides award-winning enterprise visibility solutions that utilize Wi-Fi wireless networking standards to deliver accurate location-based solutions. The AeroScout system includes real-time location services (RTLS), telemetry, long range active RFID and choke-point visibility all in a single integrated cost-effective infrastructure. AeroScout's standards-based applications locate valuable assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments, enabling customers in numerous industries to drive revenues and cut costs. AeroScout is a privately held company based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, please visit

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