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Active Harmonic Filters are optimized for operational efficacy.

Press Release Summary:

May 21, 2014 - With magnetics design that lends to compact dimensions and operational efficiency, second generation DPM Active Harmonic Filters suit standalone and MCC applications. Operating efficiency, rated at 98%, helps reduce required cooling and promotes system reliability by creating minimal heat losses during run time. Available in various sizes, filters provide 50–300 A of corrective current in NEMA-1 and panel mounts for MCC applications.

Mesta Electronics, Inc. - North Huntingdon, PA

Original Press Release

New Second Generation DPM Active Harmonic Filters

Press release date: Mar 24, 2014

North Huntingdon, PA — Mesta Electronics is proud to announce the release of its new second generation DPM Active Harmonic Filters. Through a redesign in the system's magnetics, these new systems are now smaller, more efficient, and more cost effective for our customers. These systems can better aid customers in both stand alone and MCC applications.

The DPM Active Harmonic Filter is now has an operating efficiency of 98%, which allows for significant reduction in cooling costs, as well as helps to ensure system reliability by creating very minimal heat losses during run time.

The system has new configuration available as well, have sizes ranging from providing 50 to 300 amps of corrective current in both NEMA-1 and Panel Mounts for MCC Applications. The systems also saw a significant size reduction as well. For example, the new 200 Amp DPM saw more than a 48% decrease in size by volume, helping to ensure a fit in the customers’ facilities.

At Mesta we produce cutting-edge technology and products that emerge from our outstanding engineering and production teams. We strive to make advanced technology, high reliability and customer satisfaction synonymous with the Mesta name. For more information contact: Jim Machin

Jim Machin
Mesta Electronics, Inc.