Actisafe Gives Assembly Benches an Ergonomic Work-Over

Actisafe ergonomic worktables are made to replace outdated steel benches to maintain employee OH&S standards and speed up production in busy maintenance and assembly departments across most industry sectors.

Actisafe ergonomic worktables are custom modifiable - an aspect of the technology which helps companies of all sizes, particularly if they are undergoing sudden, or rapid, growth in workload.

Customisability and modularity of Actisafe ergonomic worktables meet the requirements or most industries head-on.

They are highly suitable for clients that need a workbench configuration to maintain extremely high levels of occupational health and safety, so where required the new equipment can accommodate employees in either a standing or seated position.

Actisafe ergonomic worktables take into account the potential for future consolidation of sites, so these units are always demountable and easy to re-assemble at a different location.

Custom modified aspects of the units - regardless of how minuscule each may seem – make all the difference to the people working on them and allows quality production at an even faster rate than ever before.

For operator comfort and ease of work with various sized electronic panels containing many tiny electrical components, each of the Actisafe ergonomic worktables has a panel holder that adjusts forward and backward for whatever reason required.

The power board goes right across the bench at the rear of the workspace rather than just on one side of the table as is normally the case with traditional steel workbenches.

Each bench can have as many power points as desired to ensure as much equipment as possible can be powered at any given time. For added convenience, an engineer’s standard vice can be added to each bench.

Actisafe ergonomic workbenches are highly adaptable to individuals, and as a result all movements of the operator can be optimised to increase performance and productivity while decreasing work-related stress and potential for injury.

On a functional side, the modular characteristic of this technology allows add-ons to be quickly implemented as required. Independent units easily integrate with one another with the potential to be re-arranged to adapt to needs in the work environment. All components fit together seamlessly.

Assembly equipment and components, computers, telephones, and other tools can be placed ergonomically, where required.

The worktables – or indeed entire workstations comprised of individual worktables - can be equipped with many types of features to specifically suit tasks.

For instance, a workstation equipped with an extension table and a corner table is suitable for testing work; a worktable for packaging can have a cutter for packaging material, a top shelf and a pair of folder supports; or a multi-use concept workstation can have wheels.

For more information, please contact Actisafe. 1300 852 397.

Prepared by Val Pavlovic, Omentum Media. Ph: (02) 9744 7605. 0413 869 589

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