Action Prototype Offers Prototyping, Urethane Casting Services for Their Clients

Action Prototype and Urethane Castings, LLC offers different services including prototyping and urethane casting for their clients. They also offer more services for industries like defense, automotive, architectural, entertainment, aerospace and more.

Action Prototype and Urethane Castings offer services to various industries. They provide prototyping and other services for industries like aerospace, automotive, defense and more. The quality of work that they offer is second to none so a lot of companies consider their work when it comes to rapid prototype and manufacturing services.

The company already mentioned some of the services that they offer on their website. One of this is Stereolithography. It is actually known as an additive manufacturing process that makes use of liquid UV-curable photo polymer and UV laser to build layer on the parts. For every layer, they make use of a laser beam to make a cross section pattern on the surface. It is a common process that can provide a semi strong part with good accuracy.

Selective laser sintering is also one of the additive manufacturing processes offered by the company. It makes use of a high power laser that can fuse small particles of metal, glass powders, ceramic or plastic into a desired 3 dimensional object. It can produce a strong functional part with a loose tolerance.

Fused Deposition model is also an additive manufacturing process that lays down all the materials in layers. Basically, this kind of process is the most time consuming and it produces rough parts with a good tolerance.

Another additive manufacturing process is Polyjet that makes use of inkjet print heads that will depost UV curable photo polymer that will be cured by UV lamps. This is known as the most accurate process that can produce reasonably strong parts.

The company also offers Cast Polyurethane. It is a process that makes use of rubber molds that can help vulcanize polyurethane at room temperature. It is considered as the fastest, the most accurate and also the least expensive method to produce dozens of duplicates of a prototype part. This is the method used for product prototypes. It can help stimulate elastomers and it can also contain structural properties that are similar to high impact styrene.

Basically, Action Prototype is a sister company of Action Mold. It has been on the business since 1993 and they are considered as the best on the industry when it comes to injection molding, which is also one of the services offered by Action Prototype. It simply means that the company is also capable of doing the same quality as their sister company.

About the Company:

Action Prototype and Urethane Castings, LLC is one of the leading companies that are offering rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. It is designed to get the products to the market faster and more efficient as possible. The company can provide services from low to high volume production and different design depending on the needs of their clients. They are committed in providing energy efficient equipment and environment friendly materials to avoid any damage on the environment.

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