Acrylic Resin improves PVC substrate appearance.

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Solarkote® PB, when blended with PVC and coextruded over PVC as capstock, upgrades PVC properties for exterior building products. It blends to share weathering performance in medium-dark colors where chalking can be a concern. It exhibits color hold in whites, and can be blended in PVC high-shear blending equipment. Applications include PVC siding, window profiles, fencing, and decking.

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New Solarkote® PB Acrylic Capstock Resin from Atoglas Improves Weatherability and Appearance of PVC Substrates

Philadelphia, PA, August 07, 2002--Atoglas announces Solarkote® PB acrylic capstock resin for imparting long lasting weatherability and enhancing the color and appearance of PVC substrates. Blended with PVC and coextruded over PVC as a capstock, Solarkote PB acrylic resin economically upgrades PVC properties for exterior building products. Examples include PVC siding, window profiles, fencing and decking.

According to Peggy Schipper, business manager for Plastics Additives, Solarkote PB/PVC capstock blends provide an attractive, durable and economical alternative capstock for PVC building products. "Extruders get rich and vibrant color," says Schipper. "Plus Solarkote PB/PVC blends impart excellent weathering performance in medium dark colors where chalking can be an issue. Additionally they exhibit outstanding color hold in whites-even at the higher elevations in locations such as Arizona and Colorado."

Schipper says that Solarkote PB/PVC blend capstocks also offer wide processing latitude. "Solarkote PB can be blended in normal PVC high shear blending equipment. In addition," she says, "operators can run these blends immediately following straight PVC capstock with minimal transition difficulty." The Solarkote® line of products is marketed by Atoglas worldwide. Plastics Additives of ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. manufactures Solarkote PB acrylic capstock resin. For more information on Solarkote PB acrylic capstock resin, contact Peggy Schipper, business manager, Plastics Additives, 2000 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Phone 215-419-5257.

About Atoglas

Atoglas is a global business that manufactures and markets polymer resin and sheet products worldwide. In North, South, and Central America, these are sold as Plexiglas® acrylic molding and extrusion resins and Plexiglas acrylic sheet. Atoglas also markets Solarkote® acrylic capstock resins, Tuffak® polycarbonate sheet and Implex® impact acrylic sheet. In Europe, acrylic resins are sold under the Oroglas® trade name and acrylic sheet under Altuglas®. In Asia Pacific, acrylic resins are marketed as Oroglas® and acrylic sheet as Goldglas®.

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ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. produces high-performance chemicals and polymers. Headquartered in Philadelphia, ATOFINA Chemicals employs 3,000 people, and reported sales in 2001 of $1.4 billion. ATOFINA Chemicals is part of ATOFINA, the world's 5th largest chemical company with 72,000 employees and sales in 2001 of $17.5 billion (EUR19.6 billion). ATOFINA is the chemical branch of TotalFinaElf (NYSE: TOT), the world's 4th largest oil and gas company with 123,000 employees and sales in 2001 of $94 billion (EUR105 billion).

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