Acoustical Foam meets UL smoke and flame standard.

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TUFCOTE H-Series SM is for noise control applications near high radiant heat and in enclosed equipment. Aluminized polyester-film facing reflects radiant heat and protects foam from soil and fluids. Layers of facing and foam fuse during processing to create bond that resists delamination. Foam is available in rolls, sheets, and custom die-cut parts in thicknesses from 1/2-2 in.

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E-A-R Acoustical Foams Meets UL Smoke and Flame Standard

TUFCOTE® H-Series SM acoustical foam, from E-A-R Specialty Composites, has been engineered for use in noise control applications that may include exposure to high levels of radiant heat. The sound-absorption product is faced with an aluminized polyester film that reflects radiant heat. The facing also
protects the foam from soil and fluids. TUFCOTE H-SM foam is ideal for sound absorption in enclosed equipment, such as motors, generators, compressors and pumps.

To manufacture TUFCOTE H-SM foam, E-A-R applies the polyester facing during a proprietary thin sheet casting process, which casts the foam to thickness in continuous sheets. The facing and foam fuse during processing, creating a bond that resists delamination, even at elevated temperatures. The highly cost-effective process also permits in-process bonding of pressure-
sensitive adhesives and other backings.

TUFCOTE H-SM foam is available in rolls, sheets or as custom die-cut parts, with or without peel-and-stick adhesives, and in thicknesses ranging from 1/2-inch to 2-inches.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, E-A-R Specialty Composites is a leading provider of solutions for problems involving noise, vibration, shock and motion in numerous OEM applications. The company manufactures a wide range of vinyl- and urethane-based energy control materials and provides engineering, design and diagnostic assistance to customers.

More information is available by contacting E-A-R Specialty Composites, 7911 Zionsville Road, Indianapolis, Ind. 46268, or by phoning toll free (877) 327-4332 or faxing (317) 692-3111. The company's E-mail address is, and its
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