Acheson Food Grade Lubricant Additives Works Where Others Fail

When you need industrial-strength lubrication in a food processing environment, there's only one choice - Acheson FGA(TM) Food Grade Lubricant Additives. As temperatures soar, particularly in high-throughput baking operations, most traditional lubricant additives break down. Not so with Acheson FGA Series. Composed of concentrated dispersions such as Boron Nitride in synthetic fluid carriers, these unique products withstand temperature extremes, from -40° to 1000°F with no fall-off in performance. Your customers will see these important benefits when you formulate with Acheson FGA: o reduced lubricant intervals o less downtime for lubrication or maintenance o extended equipment life Acheson FGA food grade lubricant additives are NSF HX-1 certified for incidental food contact, assuring you and your customers of their safe use in food processing environments. To learn how Acheson FGA additives can improve your products and your customers operations, call 1-800-255-1908. Visit us at booth # 26

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