Acheson Colloids Introduces Low-VOC, Corrosion-Resistant Dry Film Lubricant

PORT HURON, Mich., July 11, 2006 Acheson Colloids Company has introduced Emralon® TM-008, a new water-based, low-VOC, dry film lubricant coating that provides a low coefficient of friction along with corrosion and solvent resistance in permanent lubrication applications. Emralon TM-008 waterborne fluoropolymer lubricant and anti-corrosion coating can be applied by spray or the dip-spin process, which allows for the bulk coating of fasteners, slides and rails, lock mechanisms, seatbelt components and other small parts requiring permanent lubrication. The lubricant coating enables coaters to process more parts without emitting large amounts of VOCs in the process. Benefits and features include: o A waterbased coating that is low in VOCs o Excellent solvent and corrosion resistance durability unattainable with conventional greases and lubricants o A satiny finish that provides an attractive component appearance o A low coefficient of friction that meets lubrication requirements o Excellent noise-suppressing performance on fasteners and rubbing surfaces o Cost-effective alternative to short-lived liquid alternatives or flock tape o Consistent and uniform dip spin, spray and electrostatic application performance o Easy, versatile application techniques that enable multiple coatings to minimize operation costs and meet performance objectives Acheson Colloids, a National Starch and Chemical Company, is a global supplier of specialty electrical materials, specialty coatings, process lubricant, and lubricant application equipment. Acheson's products are utilized in countless applications in the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and other industries. Acheson has a global presence with facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. Acheson's product trade names include Dag®, Molydag®, Emralon®, Aerodag® Electrodag®, SLA(TM), FGA(TM), Deltacast(TM), and Deltaforge(TM). Additional information about Acheson and its products is available at Editorial Contacts Dave Manion 9086855395 Martin Torbert 9086855185

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