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Accsense VersaLog for Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

Standalone Solutions to Monitor Pharma Products

CHESTERLAND OH — Do you need to monitor and record the temperature of your pharma products and medical storage units? Use a temperature data logger! Accsense VersaLog dataloggers commonly feature 7-8 channels for accurate monitoring and alarming in medical refrigerators and freezers, incubators and more. The free software lets you view data in real time, while its chart recording capabilities entirely replace traditional chart recorders. With a low cost per channel and many models priced well below $600-700, these dataloggers are ideal for unattended data recording and storage (4MB memory). Call CAS DataLoggers at 800-956-4437 to learn more.

Chart Recorder Replacement:

Accsense VersaLog dataloggers function as automatic paperless chart recorders recording the temperature of medical refrigerators and freezers. VersaLog's small size makes for flexible deployment just about anywhere, making them ideal for vaccine monitoring, pharmaceutical drug storage and more.

  • VersaLog TC Temperature Data Logger: One onboard thermistor channel monitors ambient temperature. Seven range-programmable thermocouple voltage input channels cover wide measurement requirements.

  • VersaLog TH Temperature Data Logger:  One onboard thermistor channel monitors ambient temperature. Seven range 10K thermistor input channels cover wide measurement requirements.

Accsense VersaLog data loggers utilize a 16-bit analog-todigital (ADC) converter enabling precise and accurate measurements. These devices also support USB, Serial port and Ethernet connections for easy local and remote access. All temperature data is saved to a 4MB flash memory for later retrieval.

Reliable Standalone Operation and Alarms:

The internal lithium battery provides up to 10 years of instantaneous logging operation when sampling at interval of once per minute. Additionally, Accsense VersaLog data loggers are designed with a rugged, splash-resistant aluminum enclosure, and their internal electronics are protected against moisture by a conformal coating.

Accsense VersaLog data loggers also provide alarm outputs controlled by the low and high programmable alarm thresholds of each enabled channel. These alarm control outputs can be used to automatically trigger external alarm devices such as strobe lights, sirens or alarm telephone dialers.

Software for Novices!

Accsense VersaLog data loggers are setup and configured using the included SiteView Windows software for data download, property configuration, and data analyzing and plotting. SiteView's fast communication speed (up to 115200 bps) enables quick downloads, while multiple file loading makes it easy to compare data. Many other options are available including zoom in/out, annotate/label graph functions, and more.

The Data Logger Experts:

At CAS DataLoggers we have been in business for over 20 years, and actively involved in selling data loggers and real-time systems since 2001. We want to help you select the most appropriate data logger for your application. We also provide free technical support on all of our products.

To get more information on our new Accsense VersaLog data loggers or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at

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