Accsense for Differential Pressure Monitoring of Surgery Rooms

Wireless Environmental Monitoring for Medical Controlled Environments

CHESTERLAND OH – Recently the CDC revealed that millions of people annually acquire an infection while receiving care in a healthcare facility. Especially in surgeries and other sensitive areas in hospitals and clinics, it's vital to protect patients and staff from infectious diseases by maintaining a negative air pressure in the room. This requires a system to not only monitor temperature and humidity as usual, but also to monitor differential pressure so that in the event of an HVAC system failure, staff can be notified in time. As a result, regulatory organizations are enforcing differential pressure control standards for surgeries, prep rooms and other controlled environments. For automated pressure monitoring and alarming CAS DataLoggers offers the Accsense Wireless Environmental Data Logger, the choice of many of the world's most prestigious healthcare facilities. Accsense is incredibly cost effective for general purpose, continual pressure monitoring. Help prevent cross-contamination of patients and ensure your best practices today with Accsense monitoring systems!

Automated Environmental Measurement:

Accsense Environmental Data Loggers record general environmental measurements in surgical chambers and other controlled areas. Regardless of the number of controlled rooms in your facility, you often only need one environmental logger per room. Accsense dataloggers can monitor THREE critical environmental values at once:

• Ambient Temperature (using its Internal Sensor)

• Humidity (using its Internal Sensor)

• Differential Pressure (using its External 4-20mA Current Input with +20Vdc Loop for connection with a differential pressure transducer)

Connected to a commercial differential pressure sensor, Accsense can continually monitor the differential pressure inside the surgery room and also help staff detect air leaks. In this way the pressure data logger helps keep contaminated air from escaping and possibly infecting patients and staff.

Each data logger is equipped with external 4-20mA and 0-5V inputs as well as internal ambient temperature, humidity, ambient light and vibration sensors. The data logger also features 2 digital inputs and can operate on either battery or AC power.

Wireless Gateway Sends Data Online

The data logger automatically sends its readings to an Accsense B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway with built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet. The gateway forms the connection between the pods' data and the Internet, supporting DHCP and static IP addressing. Diagnostic LEDs give a clear indication to personnel as to how to proceed. Both the pod and gateway range out to 250' and 90' indoors, utilizing a 250-sample data buffer so the pod continues to log during power or internet outages.

Accsense is easy to use and has minimal impact on existing infrastructure. The wireless gateway transmits all data to the secure Accsense cloud servers or as a local ASCII stream which personnel can incorporate into custom software such as LabView. Online data is downloadable as a CSV file to load into most database applications.

Accsense for Differential Pressure Monitoring

In light of heightening regulatory enforcement, surgeries are increasingly finding it necessary to maintain a negative pressure within the room to prevent microbes and other contaminants from exiting, especially for areas in which patients with an infectious disease are staying. In case of a sudden HVAC system failure, Accsense will instantly notify staff whenever the differential pressure drops or the temperature and humidity go outside preset limits. In this way personnel have the time to take corrective actions and service equipment.

Users can setup alarm triggers and receive alarms via email, cell phone, pager, or landline. Accsense can even send the same alarm to multiple recipients! These wireless systems will also send out Power or Internet outage notifications.

Cloud Monitoring Solution

With Accsense all your data is sent to the Web right away. Users can download measurement data for analysis, log in to access real-time reports and graphs, and administrators can modify the system configuration online from any Internet-enabled location.

An Accsense monitoring plan gives users:

• Access to charts showing all measurement history;

• Cloud-based data storage and reporting;

• A customizable interface with a dashboard showing recent measurements from all data loggers

The Accsense Advantage

Accsense Product Manager Dana Kennedy has years of experience supplying these products for pressure monitoring applications in medical and industrial settings. Explaining the system's ease of operation he comments:

"Not only can Accsense handle multi-parameter monitoring, but our installations are the simplest on the market. You don't need lengthy training sessions with our products. Accsense automates environmental monitoring and alarming to help keep your organization compliant and to give you an instant heads-up when your room's conditions go out of spec. Meanwhile all your data is stored online where you can view it in real time—that's the Accsense advantage."

Accsense temperature monitoring systems handle 24/7 monitoring in many healthcare facilities with the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval including Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Boston Children's Hospital, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, among many others.

For more information on Accsense Wireless Environmental Data Loggers, additional Accsense products, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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