Accredited IPX9K Testing is available for automotive products.

Press Release Summary:

CertifiGroup ISO 17025 accredited laboratory offers IPX9K testing for automotive products, allowing manufacturers to certify equipment and enclosures for outdoor or harsh environments. Certified test reports are provided for manufacturers of any product that needs to meet Ingress Protection requirements. Able to be applied to range of equipment, IPX9K high-pressure steam jet cleaning test is highest/harshest level of water testing per IP Code system.

Original Press Release:

CertifiGroup Provides Specialty IPX9K Testing Accredited to ISO 17025 for Ingress Protection

CertifiGroup is North America’s first ISO 17025 accredited laboratory to offer IPX9K testing for automotive products. This new Ingress Protection capability allows manufacturers to certify equipment and enclosures for outdoor or harsh environments. (249)

ISO 17025 is the international Standard for the competence of testing laboratories. CertifiGroup provides certified test reports for manufacturers of any product that needs to meet the Ingress Protection requirements. Many products with the CE Marking sold in Europe and worldwide require the IP Code rating. Many products for sale in the US require a NEMA rating.

Ingress Protection can be explained as a product’s ability to prevent the entry of liquids, dust, or objects. These “IP Codes” have a 2 digit numbering system: the first number starts with “Protection against foreign objects” and is noted as 0 (Not protected) to 6 (Dust tight). The second number begins with “Protection against moisture” 0 (Not protected) to 8 (Protected from immersion). For example, a product that needs to withstand the most severe dust storm and also be impervious to water would be designated IP68. For a more complete explanation of IP codes and NEMA ratings, go to the CertifiGroup website:

IPX9K is a special high pressure steam jet cleaning test. Joshua Hunt, head of the CertifiGroup environmental testing lab provides an explanation. “The IPX9K test is derived from DIN 40 050 Part 9 (Road Vehicles Degrees of Protection (IP Code) Protection against foreign objects, water and access for electrical equipment. High Pressure and Temperature water is jetted at an enclosure to test for ingress protection. IPX9K testing is the highest / harshest level of water testing per the IP Code system”.

This testing applies to a wide variety of equipment, Hunt goes on to explain. “The intent of DIN 40 050 Part 9, is for electrical equipment or components which are to be used on road vehicles (cars, motorcycles, buses, tractors, trailers, etc..) which would be exposed to a cleaning process which involves high pressure/steam jet cleaning. However, any type of enclosure or apparatus which might be subjected to severe environmental conditions or cleaning methods will be suitable candidates for this test. Most of our customers choose this test simply because it is the highest IP code designation available for water ingress testing”. The specific Standards associated with this test are DIN 40 050 Part 9, IEC 60529.

The CertifiGroup IP and NEMA laboratory has tested a variety of products, including: light fixtures, motors, monitors, hand held devices, automotive parts and assemblies and many other devices for use in the commercial, Industrial, medical and residential markets. Some recent CertifiGroup customers include Yokogawa, Shat-R-Shield, Nissei Corporation, Duff-Norton Company, ESAB, RF Micro Devices, Nederman Manufacturing, WEG Electric, Eaton, Parker Hannifin, Cree Lighting and others.

CertifiGroup offers a free preliminary session for manufacturers and designers who can bring their product to the Cary, NC laboratory. Visit or call 800-422-1651 to make an appointment. CertifiGroup also provides UL and CSA Certifications, SEMI S2, CE Marking for Europe, hazardous location, medial, laboratory, lighting and many other equipment categories. CertifiGroup is already well known as the regional experts for assistance with solar, wind turbine and energy saving devices. CertifiGroup is staffed by former UL Engineers who understand how to avoid compliance delays.

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