Accessory Kit facilitates femtosecond laser experiments.

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Designed to help set up and execute laser experiments using Ti:sapphire femtosecond oscillator, Laser Accessory Kit bundles laser optics and opto-mechanical components together in one box. Optical components offer optimal performance over spectral range of 700-950 nm. Included photo detectors allow detection of oscillator pulse train, while filters and beam splitters remove stray green pump laser light and cut down residual IR light for second harmonic experiments.

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Impulse Optics Introduces Femtosecond Laser Accessory Kit

Encinitas, CA, December 4, 2006 - Impulse Optics introduces the femtosecond laser accessory kit. The kit includes accessories that will help set-up, install, and use a femtosecond laser. Ultrafast laser optics and high performance opto-mechanical components are bundled together in one box for convenience and expedited ordering.

The kit is a package of optical and mechanical components specifically chosen to facilitate the setup and execution of ultrafast laser experiments using a Ti:sapphire femtosecond oscillator. Optical components included have optimal performance over the Ti:sapphire spectral range 700-950 nm. The kit includes pump mirrors, steering mirrors, tweezers, cleaning supplies, detectors, IR card, beamsplitters, cables, and filters, all fundamental building blocks to route the ultrafast oscillator or amplifier source to your experiment.

Included photo detectors allow detection of the oscillator pulse train. Filters and beam splitters remove stray green pump laser light and cut down residual infrared light for second harmonic experiments. Optics for steering the 532 nm green pump laser and for control of the oscillator output are included. Additional items include an infrared viewing card for locating and examining the near infrared output and appropriate optical cleaning supplies.

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