Accelerometers and Cables feature M12 style connectors.

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Providing acceleration range of 80 g, top-exit Model 786A-M12 and side-exit Model 787AM8-M12 offer +5% sensitivity tolerance, while side-exit Model 787BM8-M12 offers +10% sensitivity tolerance. Equipped with M8 mounting screws, 100 mV/g vibration sensors are suited for applications such as motors, pumps, fans, and compressors. Connector-cable assemblies come in IP67 rated versions for environments up to 257°F and IP68-rated molded versions for environments up to 194°F.

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Wilcoxon Research Adds M12-Style Accelerometers and Cables

Germantown, MD - Wilcoxon Research, a Meggitt Group company and a leading supplier of quality vibration sensors and sensor networks, has added to it's product line three new accelerometers with M12 connectors, an established sensor connector that is used throughout the world and is common in the process industries. Several compatible M12 connector-cable assemblies are also now available.

"Our M12 accelerometers and cables were developed in response to customer familiarity with this increasingly popular connector style which is common in the process industries, such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals," said Tom Smith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Several international customers have also requested M12 sensors, so this is a natural extension of our popular 786A and 787A product lines."

Wilcoxon's new M12-style accelerometers are 100 mV/g general purpose vibration sensors, all with excellent sensitivity tolerance and an acceleration range of 80g. The 786A-M12 is a top-exit sensor with a tight +5% sensitivity tolerance. The 787AM8-M12 is a low-profile, side-exit sensor with a tight +5% sensitivity tolerance. The 787BM8-M12 is a low-profile, side-exit sensor with a +10% sensitivity tolerance. The three general purpose accelerometers with M8 mounting screws are suited to industrial machinery health monitoring of rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, fans, compressors, vibrating conveyors, chillers, gearboxes, reciprocating compressors, blowers, cooling towers, mixers, turbines and centrifuges.

Wilcoxon is also adding several compatible cable assemblies, including the highest temperature M12 connector-cable assemblies for accelerometers on the market. The high-temperature connector-cable assemblies are IP67-rated, suitable for environments up to 125° C (257° F), and available with Teflon® or industrial grade jacketed cables. Wilcoxon's molded connector-cable assemblies are IP68-rated and are suitable for environments up to 90° C (194° F). All M12 cable assemblies have a braided shield for signal integrity. The connector-cable assemblies have 5 sockets and are compatible with both 4-pin and 5-pin M12 sensor connectors. Wilcoxon offers a broad selection of other connector options or wire terminations on these cable assemblies.

To learn more about Wilcoxon's M12-connector sensors and cable assemblies, visit To learn more about Wilcoxon Research, Inc., or the pledge of Total Lower Cost of Ownership, visit, call 800-WILCOXON, or email

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