AC2000 Aperio IP Hub offers remote lock opening via AC2000 broadcast.

Press Release Summary:

Supporting Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks and Fireclass Fire Panel, AC2000 Aperio IP Hub offers wireless communication with AES128 encryption. Providing live door monitoring, Aperio IP hub provides workflow functionality and real time transaction display. Interfacing with AC2000 Fireclass Fire Interface, system acts as central Security Management System and is supported by AC2000 Schindler Lift interface for unidirectional communication between AC2000 and Schindler servers.

Original Press Release:

New Product Announcement: AC2000 v7.1 Integrations

CEM Systems is pleased to announce the release of the latest integrations update for AC2000 v7.1 suite of access control and security management software. AC2000, AC2000 Airport and AC2000 Lite are now available with a new range of integration interfaces that increase the performance, simplicity and scope of the system.

Assa Abloy Aperio Wireless Locks

AC2000 now supports full integration of Assa Abloy Aperio wireless locks. Locks are added into AC2000 just like normal CEM card readers allowing for remote monitoring of alarms and remote door opening.

The AC2000 Aperio IP Hub integration offers a seamless interface to Aperio IP Hubs, allowing for up to 16 doors to be controlled wirelessly through a single Aperio Hub

Assa Abloy Aperio :

  • Wireless communication with highly secure AES128 encryption.
  • Aperio Hub easy to install and powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) or external power supply
  • Live door lock monitoring
  • Locks are available in wide range of options:

Interface Features:

  • Full interaction with AC2000 software modules including cause-and-effect and workflow functionality
  • Online card swipes with real time transaction display
  • Lock status and door alarms displayed on graphical maps with ability to link with video actions e.g. video popup
  • Remote lock opening via AC2000 broadcast and oneshot

Fireclass Control Panels

AC2000 now supports a high level interface with the Tyco Fireclass Fire Panel, enabling alarms or events generated for Fireclass Panels, Sensors and Zones to be fully integrated with the AC2000 system and Monitored using the AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display).

The AC2000 Fireclass Fire Interface enables AC2000 to act as the central Security Management System (SMS) and provides a fully integrated interface for monitoring and reporting building security events.

Through the AC2000 Fireclass Fire Interface these alarms and events can be displayed in a single alarm screen in the central AC2000 Alarm Event Display (AED) application.

AC2000 Fireclass Interface enables unidirectional communication allowing the AC2000 system to receive alarms from the Fireclass Range Fire Detection System consisting of a network of up to 99 Fire Panels – each one controlling sets of Points and Zones.

Schindler Lift Destination Dispatch System

The AC2000 Schindler Lift interface provides seamless unidirectional communication between, AC2000 and Schindler servers. The AC2000 Schindler Lift Interface also provides an automatic validation interface which allows a single enrolment process via AC2000 for both systems.

When entering a building, cardholders swipe on the AC2000 card readers securing it.

AC2000 sends the details of valid cardholders entering, to The PORT Technology system which then provides Destination-Dispatch services to ensure cardholders reach their destination floor efficiently. Cardholders will be directed to the most efficient lift journey via The PORT Technology pedestals.

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