AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot Material comes with re-usable injection hose.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for repairing refrigerant leaks and leak prevention, AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot features polymer-free, non-toxic and non-flammable one-time-use cartridge of sealant. AC/SMARTSEAL ensures absolute sealing of pinhole leaks.

Original Press Release:

Cool Air Products Introduces AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot for Fast, Easy Repairs of Refrigerant Leaks

The HVAC team at Cool Air Products ( has a new, better solution for refrigerant leaks. AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot's advanced formula is designed for leak repair and leak prevention, with the focus on the user. Now, Cool Air Products is looking for distributors who want to provide AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot to their own customers. Interested distributors can contact the company at or call 443-506-8560.

"As the safest and most advanced product of its kind, AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot is a big step forward in HVAC repair and maintenance," says Cool Air Products President Mike Walton. "The material creates a permanent seal and is fully compatible with any refrigerant. It can seal the largest leaks with the least amount of sealant. Best of all, AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot can be injected when the system is at normal operating pressures, saving time and energy."

AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot has been designed with HVAC technicians in mind. The product comes with a re-usable injection hose and a one-time-use cartridge of sealant. The injection hose makes work easy for the operator, while the concentrated sealant solution is a 100% green product. It's also polymer-free, non-toxic and non-flammable, so operators don't have to worry about additional precautionary measures when handling AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot.

"Inadequate repair of refrigerant leaks means the problem is going to return quickly," adds Walton. "With AC/SMARTSEAL Quick Shot, you can rest assured that even pinhole leaks are absolutely sealed — so the job is done right, the first time."

As a manufacturer of competitive products, Cool Air Products has experience in residential and commercial HVAC, industrial cooling, refrigeration and transport. Feedback from customers guides the company's product development strategy. Reviews of other products, such as the original AC SMARTSEAL, have been tremendously positive: "All of our service vehicles now carry this product, to solve leak issues," says Joe Link, owner of Arbutus Refrigeration. "We say we are 'buying time' with AC SMARTSEAL."

Cool Air Products continues to position itself as a leader and innovator in the refrigerant leak repair industry. Continuous research and development means the company expects to release new products on a regular basis. All Cool Air Products HVAC sealants are intended for professional use only.

About Cool Air Products, LLC

Cool Air Products is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of HVAC and compressed air products. The company was founded with the aim of developing revolutionary products that serve markets globally. The focus is on the customer, and the company thrives on providing supreme customer service, reacting quickly and introducing innovation at every step. The owners have over 50 years of experience in the HVAC, plumbing and wholesale distribution markets.

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