AC Motors feature finned frame construction.

Press Release Summary:

Totally enclosed, inverter duty Models FL180, FL210, and FL250 feature premium class H insulation, 3 normally closed thermostats, and Corona Free design. Model FL180 incorporates heavy-duty finned aluminum frame, while Models FL210 and FL250 have finned laminated steel frames. Available in NEMA and IEC designs, all motors are suited for IP54 and IP55 washdown applications, and include cast iron brackets with integral feet plus oversized, lubricated-for-life, double-shielded ball bearings.

Original Press Release:

New Reliance Electric(TM) Finned Frame RPM(TM) AC Motor Offers Greater Power Density in a Smaller Frame Size

GREENVILLE, SC (August 25, 2006) Reliance Electric introduces a new family of RPM AC totally enclosed inverter duty motors with finned frame construction. These new designs, FL180, FL210, and FL250, are engineered to provide increased torque density and more power in a smaller package. The FL210 and FL250 products incorporate a unique, patent pending, laminated steel frame design with integrated fins - a first for the motor industry.

These totally enclosed inverter duty motors feature advanced cooling designs that optimizes heat dissipation, enabling the motor to deliver more horsepower in less space.

The unique compact design reduces rotor inertia and provides a higher torque-to-inertia ratio, which delivers continuous constant torque from base speed down to zero speed. Additionally these motors feature premium class H insulation and guaranteed Corona Free designs for long life, three normally closed thermostats, and are capable of handling the most demanding applications.

The FL180 frame is a completely new design incorporating heavy duty finned aluminum frames. The FL210 and FL250 frames are rugged finned laminated steel. All include heavy duty cast iron brackets with integral feet, plus oversized lubricated-for-life double shielded ball bearings.

The new finned frame motors are available in both NEMA and IEC designs. The FL180, F1210, and FL250 totally enclosed products are suitable for IP54 and IP55 washdown applications. In addition, the FL210 and FL250 frames can be enhanced with XT - Extra Tough features for more sever applications.

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