AC microLine® Series Surface Grinding Machine is suitable for plane-parallel work pieces.

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AC microLine® Series Surface Grinding Machine comes with a PLC control and Siemens multifunction panel. Unit features different working wheel diameters and permanent target-actual pressure monitoring. Product offers stock removal and cooling additive temperature monitoring option. Machine can be built with different a configuration which depends on process variant. AC microLine® Series enables user to machine workpiece on both sides simultaneously using ring-shaped working wheels.

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Further Development in Surface Grinding with High Precision Planetary Kinematics – AC microLine® Series

We, the Precision Surfacing Solutions Group, including the Peter Wolters brand, understand our responsibility for continuous research and development to remain a leader in achieving high-precision and optimum solutions for our customers.

The Peter Wolters AC microLine® product line is one of the largest product groups of the Precision Surfacing Solutions group.

Area of application

The machine type is used for double-sided machining of plane-parallel work pieces. The work pieces are routed without clamping in work piece carrier, which rotate around the machine center like planetary wheels in a planetary gear. The work pieces are machined simultaneously by the ring-shaped working wheels arranged on both sides. With this particular form of parts routing, the work pieces pass through cycloid paths. This type of relative movement forms the basis for achieving highest component quality with respect to dimensional accuracy, flatness, parallelism, and surface quality.

Process stability through proper cooling

Process heat has significant influence on the machining result. A major part of this heat is dissipated by the cooling additive. For this purpose, a system has been developed that supplies the medium through several channels as well as a specially developed distributor flange. This flange evenly supplies several holes in the upper working wheel. Medium is routed directly into the working area achieving an optimum effect. The working wheel center is supplied at the same time. The different feeds can be adjusted separately via a valve terminal.

The cooling additive is maintained at a constant temperature already in the filter system and monitored via the control system.

In addition to feeding optimally pre-tempered cooling additive, the machines of the AC microLine® feature a standard or optional wheel cooling. A specially developed labyrinth system on the backside of the working wheels supplies a defined, pretempered amount of cooling additive. The temperature is controlled and monitored via the control system. The system is a separate circuit and operates independently Page 2 of 3 from the cooling additive feed. The auxiliary aggregate is controlled directly via the machine control and operates in a control range of ± 0.2 degree Celsius.

These are just a few developments and functions of the AC microLine® series newly resp. further developed by us based on our experiences of the last decades.

Additional features

Furthermore, the machine features a PLC control and a Siemens multifunction panel. The programming possibilities for the individual component programs have been further developed and refined by us over decades. Additional functions, such as permanent target-actual pressure monitoring, the possible selection of several load stages in one process, continuous stock removal and cooling additive temperature monitoring, are just some of the options used to optimize the process for the respective customer-specific workpieces.

Product overview

The AC microLine® series features machines with different working wheel diameters. The machine designation roughly represents the wheel diameter.

  • AC 400
  • AC 535
  • AC 700
  • AC 880
  • AC 1000
  • AC 1200
  • AC 1500
  • AC 2000

These machines can be built with different configurations. The configuration depends on the targeted process variant.

  • F = Fine grinding
  • H = Honing
  • P = Polishing
  • L = Lapping
  • D = Deburring

In addition to stand-alone machines. we offer different manual loading tables, automatic loading systems for workpiece carriers, as well as customer-specific fully automated total solutions.

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