AC Induction Motors are available with heat control.

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WEG NHE or NPE motors rated from 1-300 hp can feature OptimalFlux(TM) technology for use in driving loads that require constant torque over variable speeds, such as those encountered with compressors and conveyor belts. This enables standard TEFC motor, powered by WEG variable frequency drive, to operate at temperatures reduce by 10°C across its entire speed range.

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WEG's New OptimalFlux AC Induction Motor Technology

WEG's New OptimalFlux(TM) Technology Reduces Heat Build-up in AC Induction Motors for Variable Speed Constant Torque Applications

By optimizing motor flux levels over the entire operating speed range, WEG variable frequency drives help WEG induction motors run cooler - and longer.

ATLANTA, Georgia, April 1, 2008 - WEG Electric Motors Corp., a leading global supplier of motors, drives and transformers, has developed a new control regimen for standard totally-enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) induction motors. Called OptimalFlux(TM) technology, the new regimen is ideal for use in driving loads that require constant torque over variable speeds, such as those encountered with compressors and conveyor belts. It enables a standard TEFC motor, powered by a WEG variable frequency drive, to operate at a much cooler temperature across its entire speed range - particularly at low speeds where the integral fan no longer provides efficient cooling.

"Historically, induction motor manufacturers responded to the ventilation challenge posed by constant torque variable speed applications with more expensive and bulkier Inverter Class products," explained Brian Keith, Manager - Automation Division. "Inverter Class motors were often over-sized for the rated horsepower and insulation temperature specs, and/or fans and blowers were added to provide sufficient cooling at lower operating speeds. Both alternatives work, but increased the size, and often the cost, of the motor installation while significantly reducing overall efficiency. Now, using our OptimalFlux technology, a standard NEMA High or Premium Efficiency (NPE) induction motor can replace the more expensive Inverter Class motors, saving both space and money."

Keith noted that the OptimalFlux capabilities were actually embedded within a standard WEG variable speed drive. "Our technologists took a different approach to controlling the motor. Rather than maintain a constant flux across the entire speed range - the standard practice in the industry, they calculated the flux that produced minimal losses at each frequency and then stored this relationship within the variable frequency converter.

"The end result is a motor that runs cooler across the entire speed range," Keith noted. "And since reducing a motor's operating temperature by 10°C doubles its operating life, our NPE motors will last longer in the same application than any Inverter Class products now on the market."

OptimalFlux operation is now available as an option within any standard WEG CFW09 variable frequency drive, and can be used with standard WEG NHE or NPE motors rated from 1 to 300 HP. The motor/drive combination is fully tested to meet all operating parameters before they leave the factory.

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