AC Drives are designed to minimize downtime.

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Able to work with motors rated from 1/8-25 hp, V1000-series AC drives feature maintenance monitors that ensure drive health. On-line tuning helps maintain harmony with motor, and application presets facilitate installation. Able to be stacked side-by-side due to heat-sink technology, RoHS-compliant series features EN954-1 Safety Category 3 safety input to disconnect motor at first sign of trouble.

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Concerto of Motion Keeps Rhythm in Business Alive

Yaskawa's V1000 Drives Supply Foundational Beat to Constant Tempo of Motion

WAUKEGAN, IL (June 30, 2007) - In music, as in business, success is orchestrated by the ability to keep a constant rhythm moving. Stalled movement in business translates into missed deadlines, flattened sales and money lost. Yaskawa Electric America is empowering business owners to masterfully conduct their own symphony by introducing their new V1000-series AC drives. The V1000 drives efficiently conduct the rhythmic operation of a company, keeping the motion in business constant for 1/8 to 25 HP motors.

Yaskawa engineers' passion for making V1000 the best drive to keep business in motion shows through in every feature. Its design features maintenance monitors to ensure the drive's health, on-line tuning to maintain harmony with the motor, application presets to make installation faster and easier, and RoHS compliance to ensure environmental responsibility. The V1000 can also be stacked side-by-side, due to its improved heat-sink technology. The EN954-1 Safety Category 3 safety input to disconnect the motor at the first sign of trouble is standard. And they did it all using fewer parts than the V1000's predecessor, ensuring fewer chances for failure.

"Our new V1000 line of AC drives redefines the way businesses cost-effectively maintain the tempo of motion," said Todd Ammerman, product manager for the V1000. "We engineered the V1000 to be smaller, be more precise to eek out every bit of production from conveyors to food and beverage machines. It uses less energy, is quieter, and its removable control terminal block speeds installation."

The V1000 makes controlling motion easy, but it also makes controlling costs easy, by saving companies as much as 72% in energy usage when used for HVAC air handling duties. It also operates with near-servo precision, making sure that your other motion controls are as efficient as they can be.

Business fluctuates but must always keep moving. The V1000 comes from the company that virtually defines rhythm in the industry. The reliability of Yaskawa drives is the stuff of legend. In fact, PCS Phosphate, of Winter Springs, FL, which runs its plants on Yaskawa drives, recently reported three drives had been running 24/7 for more than 18 years. The V1000 is a leap ahead of those earlier designs due to its longer service life.

"Our people are obsessed with helping customers keep their business in motion," said Mike Knapek, senior vice president of sales and marketing at YEA. "If an AC drive fails, it always means money lost for our clients. The solution to that problem? We build drives that virtually never fail."

An ambivalent attitude toward efficiency may have worked in the past, but no more. Now companies must face the fast-paced rhythm head-on, all while juggling cost and environmental regulation issues. AC drives from Yaskawa make it easy to make business more efficient, guaranteeing quality and longevity and ease of use for years to come. Yaskawa has been quietly conducting the dominant rhythm of business for years. With the V1000, it's time for the crescendo.

For more information about the V1000, contact your local Yaskawa Sales Representative or to learn more about Yaskawa's array of solutions for motion control and efficiency, visit or call 1-800 YASKAWA (927-5292).

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