AC Circuit Indentifier uses wireless, non-contact abilities.

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Combining non-contact voltage and light detection with RF transmission technology, RT30 enables one user to identify mid-run wires or find breaker that powers circuit or light fixture remotely and without cutting into wire. Non-contact AC wiring identification, lighting circuit identification via built-in light sensor, non-contact handheld voltage (NCV) detection, and AC Outlet Extender capabilities are all standard.

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Extech Instruments Announces RT30 Wireless Non-Contact AC Circuit Indentifier

Single-user remote non-contact Voltage or Light detection of branch circuits

Extech Instruments, a major supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace announces its new Model RT30. Ideal for residential electrical environments, the Model RT30 is a virtual electrician's helper, enabling a single user to identify mid-run wires or easily find the breaker that powers a circuit or light fixture without cutting into a wire, or relying on an assistant to remotely confirm the correct circuit breaker has been opened. The RT30 combines non-contact voltage and light detection with RF (Radio Frequency) transmission technology to simplify circuit identification and to eliminate back-and-forth trips to the circuit breaker panel.

Extech's RT30 features remote non-contact, mid-run AC wiring identification without cutting into wires, lighting circuit identification using a built-in light sensor, non-contact handheld voltage (NCV) detection, and an AC Outlet Extender that can be used to identify AC outlets. .

The RT30 was designed with a unique two-part system, consisting of a wireless transmitter and receiver. The wireless transmitter features a built-in, non-contact AC voltage detector that enables a single user to remotely identify a live mid-run cable, useful when adding new outlets or light fixtures for example. The unit clamps onto the cable and transmits a signal to the remote RT30 receiver indicating that voltage is present. Additionally, the built-in light sensor can identify lighting circuits and transmit a signal to the receiver indicating that the light is on or off reflecting the presence of voltage in that circuit. When the user opens the breaker switch, the voltage/light indicator and audible tone is turned off.

The RT30 identifies mid-run AC cables, circuit breakers connected to remote cables, lighting circuits, and AC power outlets. Using the clamp-on NCV probe, the RT30 identifies AC cables in hard-to-reach areas where the transmitters' built-in clamp cannot fit. The RT30 comes complete with transmitter, receiver, remote clamp probe, four AAA batteries and a case.

About Extech Instruments

Headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, Extech Instruments is one of the largest suppliers of test and measurement equipment worldwide. Founded in 1971, Extech is known for its depth and breadth of products and its innovation in providing instruments with unique combinations of features that make them highly useful and very convenient. All Extech meters are distributed worldwide through leading representatives, distributors and OEMs. The company is ISO 9001 2000 certified.

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