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AC and DC Cooling Fans protect electronic components.

Press Release Summary:

AC and DC Cooling Fans protect electronic components.

Jan 28, 2014 - AC (100–125 Vac) and DC (12 and 24 Vdc) cooling fans protect electronic components by keeping them at optimal operating temperature to prevent harmful thermal variances and premature failure. While AC fans provide constant flow, DC fans can run at variable speeds. Offered 5 sizes from 40 x 40 mm to 120 x 120 mm, fans feature thermoplastic (DC) and die-cast aluminum (AC) impellers and frames, ball bearings, and 11.8 in. wire leads. Locked rotor protection is standard.

Original Press Release

NTE Announces New Line of Fans!

Press release date: Jan 21, 2014

Bloomfield, NJ --- NTE Electronics, Inc. has recently announced their new line of high quality fans and accessories.  Cooling fans are required to protect critical electronic components by keeping them at an optimal operating temperature.  NTE’s fans protect against thermal variances that could harm components and prevent a premature failure, while also ensuring optimal performance.

NTE’s fans are offered in both AC and DC types.  AC fans provide a constant flow, while DC fans can run at variable speeds. DC fans consume less power, generate lower levels of EM and RF Interference, and are much quieter in operation, making them ideal for personal computers and server applications.

Features include:
• AC and DC Types:
- 12 and 24VDC
- 100-125VAC

• Variety of Sizes:
- 40x40mm
- 60x60mm
- 80x80mm
- 92x92mm
- 120x120mm

• Low Noise
• High Speed
• Thermo-plastic (DC types) and Die-cast Aluminum (AC types) Impellers and Frames
• Ball Bearings
• 11.8” (300mm) Wire Leads
• Locked Rotor Protection
• Life Expectancy:  70,000 Hours (DC types), 50,000 Hours (AC types)
• All are RoHS Compliant
• Most are UL Recognized

Metal Fan Guards are also available for all NTE fan sizes. They are designed to keep airflow moving and debris out to ensure the longevity of the fan.

Each fan comes packaged in its own attractive box with eye-catching graphics.

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