Abtex Technology Efficiently Deburrs Powdered-Metal Parts in the Green State

Dresden, NY – Abtex Corporation today announced a new machine for deburring powdered-metal parts when they're still in the "green" state, prior to sintering.  Green parts are much less expensive to deburr than the same parts after they're hardened in the sintering process.

The new machine uses industry-leading Abtex brushes in an innovative configuration that deburrs opposite sides of any part in a single pass, accounting for further savings. The machine/brush interface is specially designed to remove only the dangerous burrs, preserving each part's unique geometry. Brushes can be easily customized for the specific deburring task.

The machine is also made for easy and efficient interface with existing equipment in any powdered-metal manufacturing environment:

• It's ruggedly built for 24/7 use, and designed to communicate both upstream and down.

• It features a chassis that can be raised and lowered by up to 10 inches to provide an efficient interface with existing equipment.

• It's built on casters for easy movement around the manufacturing floor.

Abtex's green deburring machine is available for orders now.

For more information, interested parties should call Abtex toll-free at 888-662-2839

or e-mail: Sales@abtex.com.

About Abtex Corp.

Since 1980, Abtex Corporation has been providing integrated brush/machine deburring solutions to the North American manufacturing industry.  The company supplies filament brushes and custom-designed deburring machines for a wide variety of machined-part, aluminum-extrusion, fine-blanked, and powder-metal applications. Customers include manufacturers such as automotive Tier 2 Tier 3 parts producers.  For further information, please go to www.abtex.com.

Media Contact:

Larry Johnson



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