Absolute Rotary Encoders are offered with inductive scanning.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring 58 mm dia, RIC/RIQ 400 series encoders are offered in version without incremental signals, EnDat21, with EnDat 2.1 interface featuring ±480 in. accuracy. It includes single-turn resolution of 13 or 18 bits and multiturn resolution of 12 bits. Version EnDat01 provides incremental signals in addition to absolute position values transmitted with clock frequencies up to 2 MHz. Minimum data transmission time is approximately 25 µs.

Original Press Release:

Absolute Standard Rotary Encoders Now Also Available with Inductive Scanning

The ROC/ROQ 400 series standard rotary encoder program with 58 mm diameter has now been broadened by versions with inductive scanning-the RIC / RIQ 400 series. Depending on the respective applications and accuracy requirements, both inductive and optical absolute encoders are possible options. The mechanical dimensions of the encoders with inductive scanning are identical to those of the optical encoders.

In the version without incremental signals (EnDat21), the new inductive encoders with EnDat 2.1 interface feature an accuracy of ± 480'', a single-turn resolution of 13 bits or 18 bits, and a multiturn-resolution of 12 bits. Now, with the EnDat01 version, encoders are available that provide incremental signals in addition to the absolute position values. The position values are transmitted with clock frequencies up to 2 MHz. The minimum data transmission time is approx. 25 µs and is therefore sufficient for standard rotational speed control designs.

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