Absolute Rotary Encoder suits miniature applications.

Press Release Summary:

Measuring 13 mm dia and 17.5 mm high, Model MAS10-256-G delivers 8 bits of absolute position information with gray code, parallel output. It is capable of operating within 0-60°C temperature range and can accurately measure rotary process as fast as 6,000 rpm. Unit requires 5 Vdc input supply voltage with 40 mA max current. Applications include medical devices, instrumentation, and robotics.

Original Press Release:

Absolute Encoder Designed for Miniature Applications

CUI Inc introduces a new miniature absolute encoder designed for applications where limited space is a consideration. Measuring 13 mm in diameter and 17.5 mm high, the MAS10-256-G is one of the smallest absolute rotary encoders in the industry. The units are designed for a number of applications, including medical devices, instrumentation, and robotics. The MAS10 delivers 8 bits (256 PPR) of absolute position information with a gray code, parallel output. Capable of operating within a 0 to 60º C temperature range, the unit can accurately measure the rotary process as fast as 6000rpm. The MAS10 requires 5 V dc input supply voltage with a 40 mA max current. Call for OEM pricing.

o Product name: MAS10 absolute encoder
o Availability: 5-7 weeks production
o Possible users: robotics, instrumentation, and medical manufacturers
o Primary benefit: compact

For more information, contact:
Seana Bindner, Marketing Director
Phone: 503-372-1269 E-mail: sbindner@cui.com

For technical questions, contact:
Marty Becker, Sales Manager, Encoders Division
Phone: 503-372-1260 E-mail: mbecker@cui.com

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