Absolute Machinery Plays a Role in Popular Movie, "Joy"

Absolute Machinery plays a role in popular movie, "Joy"

Worcester, Massachusetts - In April 2015, director David O. Russell and the 20th Century Fox production crew for the recently released film "Joy" filmed in the Massachusetts area. The crew needed to reproduce an injection molding facility for actor Jennifer Lawrence and turned to the team at Absolute Machinery Corporation for assistance. The film stars Lawrence as Joy Mangano, the American inventor and entrepreneur known for the Miracle Mop and other ingenious household items sold via shopping networks.

To create the movie set, Sales Manager Steve Murdoch and the Absolute team provided the production staff with everything they needed including transportation and rigging on the set to reproduce a working injection molding manufacturing facility, complete with operating machines, auxiliaries, typical office equipment, shelving, cabinets and everything else one would see in a molding environment - including two team members from Absolute Machinery. Technician Joe Hopper and Technical Manager Stuart McCarthy worked on the set as extras for five days to make sure everything ran smoothly.

"We learned that when film crews need set pieces, they need them quickly. We were able to provide 20th Century Fox with five molding machines, two of which were horizontal and three vertical, in just a few days" says Absolute Machinery's Nathan Smith. "We loaded up trucks full of used auxiliary equipment including mold temperature controllers, molds, material and typical manufacturing ancillaries from our stock and headed over to Wilmington, Massachusetts, where the shoot was taking place. Although we weren't sure if they would be seen making parts, we had to make sure the used equipment was able to run in order to give the director the option to do so."

"This was a challenge we've been able to deliver on in the past when customers have asked us to set up entire factories and turnkey operations for companies both here in North America and around the world," noted Smith.

Jennifer Lawrence was on the set filming at the location and the two representatives from Absolute Machinery watched her work up close. They had the opportunity to see an award-winning performance in action as Lawrence recently won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy and has been nominated for an Academy Award for her performance.

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The Absolute Machinery team created a manufacturing environment in just a few days with truckloads of manufacturing equipment. A member of the 20th Century Fox production crew surveys the movie set prior to filming for the production of "Joy."

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