Absolute Linear Feedback Encoder is fully submersible.

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Completely sealed Spherosyn(TM) Absolute encoder has IP67 environmental rating and is tolerant to vibration and shock. With accuracy down to 3 microns and resolutions to 0.1 micron, it is suited for linear motor and high-velocity measurement applications. Unit is made up of reader head and scale and utilizes digital signal processor for positional data and communication of output protocols. Travel length is 9.25 m and traverse rate is up to 60 m/sec.

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Submersible Absolute Linear Feedback Encoder

Press Release Date: October 2003

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Developed to meet a wide range of feedback applications, Newall's Spherosyn(TM) Absolute encoder offers accuracy down to 3 micron and resolutions to 0.1 micron. With a travel length of 9.25 meters and a traverse rate of up to 60 meters per second, the encoder is ideally suited for linear motor and other high velocity measurement applications, including CNC Feedback, pick and place machines, automotive transfer lines, packaging machines, printing machines, PC-based systems (no interface cards required), and more.

The Spherosyn(TM) Absolute encoder provides a true absolute position immediately upon power-up. The encoder does not use batteries or static memory to retain the positional data. True position can be reacquired once power is applied, regardless of duration or power-off movements.

Like all of Newall's linear encoders, the Spherosyn(TM) Absolute is completely sealed and comes with an IP67 environmental rating (fully submersible). The encoder is tolerant to vibration and shock, easy to install, and requires no machined surface, backer bar, air purge, regular maintenance or cleaning.

Based on Newall's established Spherosyn(TM) Technology, the absolute encoders are made up of two components, the reader head and the scale. The scale is comprised of a stainless steel tube that houses a column of precision nickel-chrome steel balls. The balls are maintained under a calibrated pre-load to ensure accurate pitch spacing. Coded inserts are placed between the balls in such a manner as not to interfere with the geometry of the ball-to-ball contact.

The aluminum cast reader head, contains a coil assembly, the supporting electronics and a sensor array that detect the target that is embedded in the coded scale inserts. An LED is mounted to the surface of the reader head to simplify the installation and provide a visual feedback of the encoder operating status. The cavity of the reader head is filled with an epoxy resin that fully seals the electronics.

A high-speed Digital-Signal-Processor (DSP) is utilized in order to process the positional data and to communicate output protocols such as SSI (Pure Binary or Gray Code), CAN, RS232, RS485/RS422 and distance coded (Fanuc Serial Interface pending). Contact Newall for other protocols and field bus interfaces.

About Newall Electronics, Inc. -- As the leader in digital readout systems and linear measurement technology, Newall differentiates itself from the competition by offering strong warranties and solid products designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Newall's DRO systems and the patented Spherosyn(TM) and Microsyn® Linear Feedback Transducers are recognized throughout the world for quality and reliability. Its products are manufactured in Europe and sold through over 300 authorized industrial distributors in the U.S. with worldwide distribution in 63 countries.

Newall Electronics, Inc. is based in Columbus, Ohio, and was established in 1989 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Newall Measurement, Ltd. of Leicester, England. The company's products can be installed to support a variety of linear measurement applications including milling, boring, turning and grinding both for manual and computer controlled situations. For more information on Newall Electronics or its products, please call 800.229.4376, or visit the company's Web site at www.newall.com.

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