Absolute Grip on Hollow Shafts


Compact FlexiDrive positioning drives are now also available with angular gears and continuous hollow shafts. They are mounted directly on the shaft without any additional coupling components. This concept allows space-saving installation. They can be mounted from either side and offer a variety of fixing methods. An optional shaft extension allows manual adjustment even when no power is present.
Aside from the new hollow shaft drives, the modular FlexiDrive system offers more than 200 additional versions with a wide assortment of motors, gears and connectors in performance levels up to 238 Watts.

The integrated, magnetic absolute multi-turn encoder also senses position changes when no external supply voltage is present. This eliminates the need for reference travel. This patented technology permits the highest level of accuracy even for rough applications involving vibration and dirt. The high 14-bit single-turn and 18-bit multi-turn resolution in combination with sinus commutation provide smooth running across the entire speed range over a large travel distance and allow outstanding positioning performance.

All control circuit components are integrated into the drive and have been optimally matched with one another. This allows this drive solution to be simply and easily taken into operation via the
CANopen or Profibus interface.

These drives are predestined for format changes and for positioning. They prove their worth daily in numerous pieces of equipment used in graphic and packaging industry.

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