Absolute Encoder includes code check and optical sensors.

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Dynapar ACURO encoder series is available with various resolutions, single- or multi-turn configurations, and solid- or hollow-shaft coupling. ACURO Industry has 58 mm housing for industrial and systems engineering applications, while ACURO Drive is suited for use with motors as feedback element. Former provides resolutions up to 17 bits in single-turn configuration, while latter provides up to 22 bits. Each encoder provides resolutions to 12 bits in multi-turn configuration.

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Danaher Controls Releases ACURO Absolute Encoders with Enhanced Reliability Features

Chicago, December 11, 2002-Danaher Controls introduces the Dynapar ACURO series of absolute encoders that offer compact design, higher resolution, and innovative reliability features that help prevent downtime.

Wide variety of options-ACURO encoders are available with a choice of resolutions depending on user requirements, in single-turn or multi-turn configurations, and with a choice of solid shaft or hollow-shaft coupling. Two basic versions are available: ACURO Industry, in an industry-standard 58 mm housing for a wide range of industrial and systems engineering applications; and ACURO Drive, for use with motors as a feedback element. The ACURO Industry provides a resolution of up to 17 bits in the single-turn configuration and 12 bits in multi-turn, while the ACURO Drive provides up to 22 bits in single-turn configuration and 12 bits in multi-turn.

Multi-turn versions use a silently running low profile mechanical gear that allows a lower installation height than battery-buffered counter solutions and is maintenance-free at continuous speed of up to 12,000 rpm. The gearset is nonmagnetic and immune to interference in such applications as welding or motors equipped with powerful brakes. The gearset takes up very little space, allowing an installation depth of just 45 mm-which is important to OEMs who are always looking to save space in their equipment.

Power consumption is low-just 45 mA max. for the single-turn version and 85 mA for the multiturn version at a supply voltage of 5 V.

Enhanced reliability under harsh conditions-An innovative set of integrated features enhance the reliability of ACURO encoders. Optical sensors internally monitor the amplitude of the encoder signals, and exceeding the limit values will result in warning and alarm messages to the control system. A code check ensures that the encoder signal reflects the recorded turn-bit by bit. In this so-called single-step check, the internal signal processing function checks each individual increment for possible occurrence after the previous event. Any violation of this rule, possibly due to glass breakage or mechanical overload, will lead to an immediate alarm.

Operating temperature range is -40 to 100°C for the ACURO Industry, and -15 to 120°C for the ACURO Drive. An internal temperature sensor can be set by the user to trigger at the upper and lower limits; exceeding the limit values will result in warning messages and finally lead to an alarm being signaled to the control system.

Alarm messages signaled by ACURO encoders are easily recognized by service personnel due to their bright red LED color-and no time is wasted searching for location plans.

Reliability is further enhanced by a minimal number of internal soldering joints due to highly-integrated circuits, a reduced number of printed circuit boards, and the use of simulation-optimized gears in the multiturn version.

Electronics speed systems setup-ACURO encoders feature integrated data storage, which allows the detection of individual encoders and allows parameterization: a significant benefit in OEM applications due to reduced adjustment and assembly times, and a further step towards safety and reliability. Data storage further includes a self-monitoring feature that checks the operating hours and sends a warning message to initiate preventive maintenance.

In the starting (home) position of the installation, the encoder shaft does not need to be turned to a defined status-the reference position is determined electronically or via a push-button immediately after installation. The reset key is protected against inadvertent operation and can be locked completely after starting up the system.

Setup software for the ACURO series runs under Windows and is easy to apply even by occasional users.

Always ready to connect-ACURO can communicate with any type of control system using common formats, ranging from parallel (gray or binary code) to such field buses as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CAN Layer2 Interbus, and SSI. A 2048-step sine/cosine signal (1Vpp) is also available for dynamic control.

ACURO is also available with the new freely licensable BISS (Bidirectional Synchronous Serial Interface) digital output. Using only six lines (2 x clock, 2 x data, 2 x supply), BISS establishes a synchronous serial connection between the encoder and control system. Data throughput of up to 10 Mbaud is achieved with standard drivers and commercial-type cables with line lengths greater than 50 m. BISS can also transmit additional sensor signals when available, such as torque, temperature, and acceleration values, which are frequently needed in mechanical engineering. Since BISS is an all-digital system, it eliminates the added cost of A/D converters needed in drive systems that connect to encoders using some proprietary protocols. It is hardware-compatible with SSI, requiring only software changes. The appropriate driver software is included in the scope of delivery.

Platform concept-The ACURO encoder series is based on a common platform for a multitude of product variants, which makes possible a wide variety of high-precision encoders at low cost. Prices start at $375.

Evaluation Kits and Information. ACURO Evaluation Kits are available, at prices starting at $150. To request a kit, or for more information on the ACURO encoders or any of Danaher Controls' products, call Danaher Controls at: 800-873-8731, or visit the company on the web at www.dancon.com. Production of ACURO encoders is scheduled to begin in January, 2003.

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