Ablution Blocks for Building and Construction

Portable toilets often don't not even come close to covering the needs of a building or construction site, so Australian company Marathon Group is not just providing a range of toilet blocks, it also has ablution blocks to properly facilitate all sites large and small.

They can even be supplied with the company's innovative self-contained flat waste-tanks which have been recognised recently in national awards for the manufacturing industry.

Marathon's toilet and ablution blocks are available in numerous sizes and range from simple single toilets or showers all the way through to complete bath houses.

Each construction is configured with tyne/lug holes so as to be easily transported and/or manoeuvred by cranes and forklift trucks.

The top of the range complete bath houses include toilet cubicles, troughs, washbasins, change area and, of course, shower enclosures.

Each unit is designed and manufactured in-house at Marathon Group's dedicated manufacturing plant in NSW.

For maximised safety, each toilet or ablution block is provided with vinyl non-slip flooring and quality, sturdy partitioning that can take knocks and bumps and does not buckle during transportation.

Fittings are of stainless steel and ceramic to ensure a long lifespan in what will undoubtedly be working conditions that are far harsher than that endured by the average domestic bathroom.

Each robust unit can be connected directly to any sewer on the property or to one of the company's innovative and versatile portable waste tanks.

By incorporating these waste tanks, these amenities can thus be situated almost anywhere there is no sewer connection as it ensures the entire package is completely self-contained.

For more information please call Tim Drake at Marathon Group, PO Box 3146, Singleton, NSW 2330. Phone: 02 6575 2900, email: tim@mgpl.com.au, www.mgpl.com.au

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