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ABG's Transformer Containment Bags* are featured in ComEd's January 23rd, 2013 edition of, "Behind The Lines".   Below is a transcript of the article and a link to a demonstration video:

"Transforming The Way We Do Business."

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For environmental reasons, ComEd sought a more effective way to transport leaking transformers. The previous method required a hired crew to pump out oil, cut a plastic bag to fit the transformer and then tape it into place. Even then, the transformers could leak oil or other contaminates during transport and water could seep in during a storm. There were no suitable products on the market so Andrew Angel, a senior environmental coordinator, reached out to ABG Packaging, a local woman-owned manufacturer, to develop a solution. They worked with ComEd to design a bag that could contain the size and weight of transformers and withstand the sharp edges without puncturing.

The end result is a bag that is easier to use and much more effective at containing spills. But the benefits don’t end there. The new bags also help ComEd avoid the cost of contract crews pumping and draining transformers, as well as the cost to clean up leaks that occur during transport. When oil is drained in the field, it can damage the transformer and prevent repair. By not draining the units, more transformers are repairable and recycled. Through November 2012, ComEd was able to repair 668 transformers for a net cost avoidance of $2.6 million.

Although ComEd currently is the only utility using this product, Supply leadership recently attended the Electric Utility Industry Sustainability Supply Chain Alliance (EUISSCA) conference to share this best sustainable practice with other utilities and the bags were met with enthusiastic interest.

“This collaborative effort is great example of ComEd and Supply innovation at work,” said Ed Jandacek, BSC vice president, Supply Operations and Strategic Sourcing, Exelon. “The team not only solved the problem, but came up with a solution with benefits that extend far beyond the original goal. To top it off, they’ve strengthened the relationship with a local manufacturer and helped developed a product that may become an industry best practice.”

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– ComEd, Behind The Lines, January 23rd, 2013, Pg. 3

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