Abbott Ball Solves Nitinol 60 Machining Problems

West Hartford, CT - In the more than 50 years since its discovery, there has been very little success in commercializing Nitinol 60. In spite of its superior characteristics, the material was effectively abandoned in the late 1950's, when difficulties in machining and work-hardening were encountered.

However, Abbott Ball Company, with guidance from NASA, has engineered breakthrough methods to work with this material for bearings, gears, rotating transmission parts and a range of parts for other applications. Abbott started with NASA's microstructure findings and the Nitinol alloy charts to develop steps for machining. Most machining occurs before hardening. After proper hardening, parts can be final-machined to extremely tight tolerances and polished to exhibit a mirror-like finish. Abbott Nitinol 60 parts employ both cast and powder metal methods of manufacture.

Nitinol 60, an intermetallic alloy containing 60% Nickel and 40% Titanium, is inherently hard, wear resistant, non-magnetic, corrosion proof and weighs less than most competing alloys. Its super-fine grain structure permits tight tolerances. Better boundary lubrication can also be achieved with oils that don't need corrosion inhibitors. Lower friction, reduced weight and hardness to 62 RC enable longer life, greater efficiency and higher speeds. A material with these characteristics could literally revolutionize many aspects of design, engineering and manufacture of improved components for aerospace, energy production, medical devices, marine and other wet processes, to name a few.

Abbott's materials and manufacturing engineers welcome the opportunity to discuss the unique parameters of customer material design requirements. The company has a history of manufacturing high quality products in the United States for over 100 years and looks forward to the 21st century opportunities that Nitinol 60 presents.

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