A7+ Concrete Adhesive Anchor meets ICC-ES Cracked and Seismic standards.

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A7+ Concrete Adhesive Anchor is designed for working in inclement weather. Used on standard medium-duty caulk gun in extreme conditions such as cold temperatures and water-filled holes, product takes 45 minutes for curing. Enabling contractors to work faster, unit offers easy installation process.

Original Press Release:

ITW Introduces Updated Red Head® A7+ Concrete Adhesive Anchor

Latest formula maximizes performance and jobsite efficiency

Building on its successful A7 concrete adhesive anchor, Red Head has released an A7+ version that has one of the fastest curing and set times on the market. In addition to the quicker set times, the A7+ version is also easier to dispense and able to perform in a variety of challenging jobsite conditions. All of these enhancements lead to more efficient work in the field.

The A7+ is designed to address key working pain points, such as time spent on the job or working in inclement weather. The A7+ takes only 45 minutes to cure and can be used in challenging conditions like cold temperatures and water-filled holes. The A7+ is also ICC-ES Cracked & Seismic approved for cracked concrete and seismic building code requirements. It can be used in any standard medium-duty caulk gun, eliminating the inconvenience of needing a special dispensing tool on the jobsite.

"With many adhesive anchors, there are numerous steps contractors must take before use, as well as an extended period of time workers must stop and wait for the adhesive to cure before moving on," said Mike Dill, Innovation Manager. "With the A7+concrete adhesive anchor, the installation process is fast, easy, and doesn't take a lot of time away from the rest of the project."

This update from Red Head has improved the A7+ to create a high-performing anchor that rivals other products on the market in both price and features. This improved performance helps contractors to work faster and more efficiently when using concrete adhesive anchors.

The A7+ concrete adhesive anchor is available at The Home Depot, Lowe's, and Menards, in-store and online, now.

About Red Head

As the company that invented concrete anchoring technology, Red Head holds a unique place in the history of construction and building. The Red Head brand has become synonymous with the anchoring product category it invented. From the self-drill anchor we invented in 1910, to our new Trubolt+ wedge anchor, we continue to innovate and lead the industry with labor saving, high quality and high performance solutions. To learn more about ITW Red Head, visit www.redheadanchoring.com/ for more information.

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