A World Premier from AGS: Prism Systems Guarantee Higher Precision, More Rapid Assembly, and Greater Stability in Gripper Construction

PreciGrip from AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH allows components to be retrofitted into a module - completely without removing other elements - a premier at K trade fair

AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH will be presenting a world premier at this year's K trade fair (27th October to 3rd November) in Düsseldorf. The company has developed an entirely new system for construction of grippers for industrial robots. AGS connects the various different components of a gripper with the PreciGrip using its patented prism system. This results in a large number of advantages: more rapid and precise assembly and greater stability of the gripper in addition to the possibility of retrofitting parts inside the gripper - completely without removing the external elements. "Anyone who wishes to use our system", explains the AGS managing director Franz Schwope, "does not need to convert everything straight away". The prism system can be combined with all components to be clamped around such as gripper arms, gripper claws and gripper fingers".

The module can be added to at any time

PreciGrip allows components to be subsequently installed inside a gripper at any time - an inestimable advantage. In order to add elements in the centre of the gripper in conventional systems, it is usually necessary to remove the external parts. Only then is it possible to add a new element. In the AGS patent, the part is just simply push-fitted at the desired position and subsequently tightened. This saves the user a lot of time and allows more precise work. It is also not necessary to laboriously readjust and fix again the previously removed components.

Greater precision than when working with conventional gripper structural profiles
Until present, grippers were constructed by means of so-called t-nut clamping. In this method of assembling profiles, connecting and clamping pieces in addition to functional elements, precision is often left by the wayside. Several screws need to be tightened. It is therefore very difficult to lock a part precisely in its final position. The element frequently still moves during screw tightening, thereby resulting in incorrect positions. This can no longer occur with the PreciGrip prism system from AGS. Owing to the special hook shape, tightening is always performed against a fixed edge and the latter is surrounded. Slipping is therefore ruled out. Since only a single screw needs to be tightened, the component is soon firmly and precisely installed.

Visit us at the K trade fair. You will find AGS in hall 4, stand B28 together with YASKAWA MOTOMAN. We will be pleased to arrange an advance appointment with you. Please contact Mr. Torsten Ley at 0049 2207 704983.

The improved seating of the components results in a further advantage. Greater force can be exerted during the production process and the functional elements can be inserted more precisely. The connection with the actuators, such as the vacuum aspirator, gripper claw or gripper finger, is flexibly adjustable. Owing to the small lever and the resulting small torsional movements, there is little risk of misplacement. The entire gripper is constructed in 90 degree angles, which imparts additional stability.

AGS allows an inside view

AGS will be presenting a whole lot more however in addition to the new clamping system at K trade fair. The company will be exhibiting more than 900 components to handle and many in operation. Furthermore, there are quite a number of innovative new features and further developments from the gripper kit to be seen. AGS will be demonstrating the rapid, efficient and economical construction of grippers on an assembly boy.

The Bergisch Gladbach company will be displaying a convenient possibility for sprue separation using a buckling arm robot. AGS will also be allowing a little inside view of course and will be providing a perspective view of new products and developments. True to the company motto "Everything ingenious is simple", there will be quite a lot to be discovered. AGS will be exhibiting together with YASKAWA MOTOMAN (hall 4, stand B28).

In the field of medical engineering, AGS will be presenting a gripper hand at Battenfeld (hall 16, stand D22). A further gripper form the Bergisch Gladbach automation experts will be in action at Reis Robotics (hall 10, stand A17).

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We remain at your disposal at all times for any enquiries. We would be very pleased to provide a voucher copy or information on the imprint.

About AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH

Grippers for industrial robots just will not let go of Franz Schwope. With his new company, AGS Automation Greifsysteme Schwope GmbH, Schwope has been supplying the industry again since April 2009 with individual solutions for grippers and in doing so is following his philosophy of "everything ingenious is simple". He has been assisted by his son Marc since September 2010.

Two business areas occupy a central position in the activity of AGS - the modular system and construction of complete grippers. The broad modular system, which is compatible with those of other suppliers, already includes more than 900 components for constructing grippers. The product portfolio is based on the usual profiles, but waits however with a large number of special solutions.

Companies who wish for complete solutions can also obtain finished grippers from AGS. The major advantage is that Schwope with his team can always find the appropriate solution to a specific problem statement.

There are currently eight employees working at AGS, which will shortly be moving into the new 1200 m² production shop in Bergisch Gladbach.

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