A Variety of Joining Methods and Tools Permits Contractors to Make the Best Choice for Particular Pipe and Fitting Needs

Knoxville, TN: With three different joining methods available from Consolidated Plumbing Industries, Inc.; the Stainless Steel Sleeve, Stainless Steel Clamp, and copper Crimp Ring, contractors are empowered with the ability to choose which connection (each of which meet industry specifications and standards) is best for a particular job -- whether the desired joint is for an aesthetically pleasing look, an economical connection system, or an everyday connection of DURA-PEX® pipe.

For a fitting that achieves a clean, polished-looking visual appeal and delivers an economical benefit, the Stainless Steel Sleeves are recommended. The sleeves create durable connections that resist variations in temperature and water pressure and save cost and time by eliminating the need for a separate copper stub out. A hole on the side of each sleeve creates an easy to verify visual assurance that the pipe is properly inserted for an accurate crimp.

A specially constructed Stainless Steel Sleeve Tool fits easily and securely around each sleeve to ensure proper crimping -- leaving reliable tell-tale grooves when the crimp is complete.

When a job calls for an economy budget, Stainless Steel Clamps are the
connections recommended by CPI. This unique crimping methods works on a one-size-fits-all concept. The clamp slides easily over the pipe and is securely fastened to create the same durable connection as CPI's other joining options. A Stainless Steel Clamp Tool fits all clamp sizes by surrounding and compressing the outer nipple on the clamp using a ratchet method with a fool-proof fit. The tool will not release until the clamp is sufficiently closed around the pipe, thereby assuring a secure fitting.

For everyday connections of DURA-PEX® pipe, CPI offers Crimp Rings. To assist with proper installation, the black-colored, annealed copper rings are stamped with the words, "D-PEX", further assuring their use with DURA-PEX® pipe only. Installation of the copper crimp rings should be done with a full circle ASTM F-845 or F-1380 standard fitting crimp tool designed for use with Pex or polybutylene.

For more information, please contact Mr. Tom Coe; CPI Inc.; 135 Fox Road, Suite A; Knoxville, TN 37922; (865) 690-1558; www.durapex.com.

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