A/V Codec provides TV-quality video for mobile products.

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Drawing less than 185 mW total chip power, single-chip MG1264 enables battery-powered products to capture, play, and share TV-quality VGA 30 fps H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Codec) video with 2-channel AAC audio compression. Complete A/V codec solution, implemented as chip-level A/V co-processor, enables one hour or more of video functions on existing platforms by utilizing EVE (Enabling Video Everywhere) chip architecture.

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Mobilygen Launches the Industry's Lowest Power Single-Chip H.264 CODEC Chip Providing TV-Quality Video for Mobile Products

Mobilygen's Patented MG1264 Requires Less Than 185mW Total Chip Power for VGA 30fps H.264 Video and 2-channel AAC Audio Encoding Enabling Battery Powered Mobile Products to Capture and Playback TV-Quality Video

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 19 /-- Mobilygen, the leader in low power H.264 codec ICs for mobile devices, today launches the MG1264 with the industry's lowest power consumption. The single-chip H.264 VGA codec IC enables mobile products to capture, play and share video with three times the processing power of competing devices, while using substantially less power. The MG1264 is a complete A/V codec solution including both a H.264 VGA 30 frames-per-second video codec, and a high fidelity two-channel AAC audio codec. Power consumption while encoding is 185mW for the complete chip including VGA 30fps video, 2-channel AAC audio and all chip I/O functions.

Responding to growing consumer demand for TV-quality video on mobile products, Mobilygen is partnering with digital still camera (DSC), solid-state camcorder and cellular phone manufacturers to meet the low power requirements of mobile devices. Shipments of digital still cameras and camera phones are expected to reach 65 million and 250 million units respectively in 2004, and projected to be 100 million and 650 million units respectively in 2008.

Mobilygen developed the MG1264 H.264 codec specifically for low-power battery powered mobile products and enables one hour or more of video capture and playback on existing platforms. The MG1264 is implemented as a chip-level A/V co-processor and allows for easy system integration allowing the shortest possible development times, minimal development expenses, and lowest possible risk.

"Existing video codec technology does not allow mobile products such as digital cameras and cellular phones to match consumers' expectations for video," said Dr. Joseph Perl, Mobilygen President and CEO. "The MG1264 is the first video codec using the new H.264 standard to enable a no compromise, TV-quality video solution for consumers to capture and playback those important moments."

Mobilygen's Advantage

Mobilygen has developed a unique chip architecture dedicated to low power video processing. The patented EVE (Enabling Video Everywhere) architecture was used to implement the MG1264 and includes the following key technologies:

- Dedicated hardware media processing engines that are active only when data is being processed

- A highly-optimized hardware multi-threaded embedded microcontroller with single cycle context switching that controls all media processing operations and allows for easy integration of customer differentiating features

- An advanced video pre-processor that greatly improves H.264 encoder efficiency and overall video quality

- An ultra-efficient video processing oriented memory controller with forward seeking transaction reordering capabilities that doubles memory efficiency allowing all functions to operate with a single 16-bit SDRAM

- Patented low-power H.264 video coding algorithms developed specifically to maximize video quality

- Easy to control through standard firmware APIs -- no customer programming is required

H.264 is the future of digital video

H.264, also known as MPEG-4 Part 10 Advanced Video Codec, is the newest video standard that provides superior compression efficiency. Leading industry standards and consortiums including HD-DVD, BluRay, DVB, DLNA, 3GPP, and ISMA are all adopting H.264 for their next generation systems. Mobilygen has specifically tailored the EVE architecture for H.264 and mobile applications where low clock speeds and low power consumption are required. The single-chip MG1264 is capable of TV-quality VGA 30fps H.264 video and two- channel AAC audio compression using substantially less power than standard MPEG-4 solutions, enabling longer battery life and extended capture and playback capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

MG1264 samples and Evaluation Board are available now with volume production scheduled for September 2005. The MG1264 is priced at less than $10 in production volumes.

About Mobilygen

Mobilygen is the leading developer of low power H.264 compression ICs for mobile products. Based in Santa Clara, Mobilygen is a privately held fabless semiconductor company backed by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Redpoint Ventures, Lehman Brothers, Integral Capital Partners, and Cardinal Venture Capital. For more information, please visit www.mobilygen.com.

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