A True Cost Saver

Waterless No-Flush(TM) urinals resemble conventional urinal fixtures...they just save an estimated 40,000 gallons of water per year.

These easy-to-install urinals eliminate flush valves. There are no handles to touch, no sensors to install or adjust, and no moving parts at all.

The urinal bowl surfaces are smooth and urine is removed by gravity alone. And because the surface stays dry, odor problems are eliminated.

And, with ever-increasing water and sewer costs, Waterless No-Flush urinals have proved themselves to be huge energy and money savers as well.

For more information, visit www.waterless.com or call toll-free: 800-244-6364.

About Waterless

Waterless® Co. Inc, has established a reputation as an innovative manufacturer, serving the building, plumbing, and janitorial industry for over 20 years. Based in Vista, Ca, Waterless Co. offers quality, innovation and expertise in water conservation and high efficiency products for building owners with a full line of Waterless No-Flush urinals, cleaning liquids, and cost saving accessories. Visit: www.waterless.com

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