A Strategic Alliance between Handling Specialty and High Point Equipment Brings Automation to a Wider Market

Grimsby, Ontario, Canada – Handling Specialty, an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in materials handling equipment and solutions, and High Point Equipment, the manufacturer of the OSA-LATOR robotic indexing table, have formed a mutually beneficial alliance in efforts to bring the OSA-LATOR to a wider range of customers.

Because industrial automation is essential in today's fast-paced manufacturing processes, these two reputable companies have joined forces to offer the OSA-LATOR, a tried and true precision indexing table for robotic work cells, to a broader market.

"The addition of the precision engineered OSA-LATOR to the Handling Specialty offering is the perfect complement to the equipment we provide and the customers we serve," says Tom Beach, President. "Handling Specialty is proud of our long-standing reputation for providing highly engineered custom material handling equipment to a diverse market, and the OSA-LATOR will further support those markets for years to come."

Danny Puntillo, President of High Point Equipment agrees. "This strategic alliance is a natural forging of two established and successful companies with significant engineering and manufacturing experience. By working together, our companies can bring the OSA-LATOR and its precise, repeatable capabilities to an even larger group of customers."

The OSA-LATOR indexing tables were designed and developed by High Point Equipment Ltd. In 1990, and as automation needs continue to rise in the manufacturing industry, have seen increasing sales across Canada, the United States, and abroad. Employed in robotic work cells because of its precise positioning and repeatability, the OSA-LATOR indexing table offers high speed rotation, a unique self-locking drive with each rotation, central utilities access, and a simple yet effective design, which yields high reliability and maintainability. The OSA-LATOR is delivered ready to accept tooling for multiple applications.

Handling Specialty Manufacturing was founded in 1963 and over the past 52 years has become one of the world's pre-eminent suppliers of custom engineered and manufactured material handling equipment. Serving the industries of aerospace, defence, automotive, advanced manufacturing, rail, transportation, energy, entertainment and more; Handling Speciality's motto: "We build big things to help our customers build big things" is all the more relevant with the addition of the OSA-LATOR.

The strategic alliance between the makers of the OSA-LATOR and Handling Specialty is the perfect pairing of two highly specialized engineering companies with one strong focus: Bringing the best materials handling equipment to a diversified customer base.

For more information on the OSA-LATOR, please visit the website, or contact Handling Specialty Manufacturing at 905-945-9661 or via email at info@handling.com.

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