A. Schulman at NPE 2012: Replacing Metal with Plastics

AKRON, Ohio -- A. Schulman, Inc. (Nasdaq-GS: SHLM), a leading global supplier of engineered plastics, masterbatches and specialty powders, will be launching a new series of high-modulus, high-strength nylon compounds under the trade name Schulamid® ( )HM for metal replacement applications at NPE 2012 in Orlando, Florida, April 1-5 in the South Hall, Booth 15000. Visitors will learn how Schulamid HM can improve productivity and product performance; and will be able to request samples.

The Schulamid®( )HM series of products incorporates high reinforcement content of 40% to 65% using glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber while maintaining high flowability and excellent surface appearance in injection molding applications. A. Schulman has successfully replaced aluminum for the structural brackets of an overhead panel on mass transit buses with 50% glass fiber reinforced nylon. Additionally, the flowability of A. Schulman's 65% glass fiber matches that of a conventional 33% glass fiber nylon. The Company has found that success is more likely when trying to use engineered plastics to replace cast metals and alloys rather than steel.

"According to recent customer surveys, engineered plastics applications cover only approximately 15% of their potential for metal replacement. Because designers, customers and end users will notice and value the significant productivity improvements, we have developed this family of products. We anticipate benefits in product performance, lower system costs, increased manufacturing efficiency, durability and aesthetics. Developing metal substitution applications will be a strategic focus for A. Schulman," said Jeff McCoy, Senior Business Manager, NA Engineered Plastics Business Unit.

The new family of products includes:

Schulamid® HM GFS50 (230 MPa tensile strength, 16,000 MPa E-Modulus): 50% Glass Fiber Schulamid® HM GFS60 (225 MPa tensile strength, 20,500 MPa E-Modulus): 60% Glass Fiber Schulamid® HM GFS65 (220 MPa tensile strength, 21,500 MPa E-Modulus): 65% Glass Fiber Schulamid® HM CFS40 (265 MPa tensile strength, 30,000 MPa E-Modulus): 40% Carbon Fiber

About A. Schulman, Inc.

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, A. Schulman is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins. These materials are used in a variety of consumer, industrial, automotive and packaging applications. The Company employs about 3,000 people and has 34 manufacturing facilities globally. A. Schulman reported net sales of $2.2 billion for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2011. Additional information about A. Schulman can be found at www.aschulman.com.

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