A New Web-Based Service Allows You to Convert Documents in over 50 Formats to PDF for a Small Membership Fee without the Need to Spend $180-200 on Specialized Software

BALTSOFT has announced the immediate availability of Free PDF Converter. This is new a web-based service that provides users with an online interface for rapid conversion of documents to the PDF format. The source file may be a document in one of the 51 formats, including *.doc, *.xls, *.ps, *.ppt, *.rtf and many others (for the complete list of supported formats, please, refer to www.freepdfconvert.com/cgi-bin/pdfengine.dll/Formats). Additionally, users can convert PDF documents to the Microsoft Word format (*.doc).

Free PDF Converter service is designed for home and office users, who have short-term PDF conversion needs or don't want to spend $180-200 on specialized software. Just like it is with any PDF converter, you can add a watermark to PDF output, protect it with a password and convert MS Word hyperlinks to PDF links. Conversion is a breeze. Simply open a web page with a PDF converter form, use the Browse button to locate a source file on your local PC, select it and then click the Convert button. The output is sent back to you as an email attachment (if you selected this option prior to conversion) or displayed in the browser.

The service has a membership system. Users need to pay $9 as a membership fee for three months or $49 as a lifetime membership fee, which is much cheaper than investing $200 into specialized software. Non-members can still enjoy the service with some limitations. Non-members are able to convert only seven documents a month. There is also a 30-minute delay between conversions. Their ZIP-archives can include only five documents whereas members can archive and submit up to 100 documents. When converting from PDF to DOC, non-members will be able to convert only the first two pages of the source document.

Tomas Rutkauskas
E-mail: submit@baltsoft.com

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