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Silicone Adhesive is formulated for optimal optical bonding.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for optical potting, casting, and encapsulation, transparent low viscosity 2-part silicone adhesive MS151 features refractive index of 1.43 and operating temperature range of 65 to +400°F. It cures at room temperature to optically clear silicone rubber, providing electrical insulation as well as resistance to vibration, impact, shock, and thermal cycling. Adhesive has dielectric strength of 460 V/mil and volume resistivity of 1x10E15 W-cm.

Original Press Release:

New Silicone Adhesive Improves Optical Bonding

Hackensack, NJ. April 30, 2009-Master Bond's new MS151 optical adhesive has been specially formulated for optimal optical bonding. It is a two-part silicone adhesive with silicone's inherent temperature resistance and flexibility, a refractive index of 1.43 and superb optical clarity. Its low viscosity assures complete fill-in around complicated contours even in very complex configurations. These key factors recommend the use of the silicone adhesive for optical potting, casting and encapsulation.

Master Bond MS 151 cures at room temperature to an optically clear silicone rubber, providing excellent electrical insulation as well as superior resistance to vibration, impact, shock and thermal cycling. Shrinkage upon cure is less than 0.1%.
The uniquely formulated optical adhesive is designed to optimize optical bonding to glass, metals, ceramics and fiberglass optical systems as well as coating solar cells and fiber optic assemblies.

This transparent adhesive has a dielectric strength of 460 volts/mil and a volume resistivity of 1x10E15 ohm-cm. Tough, yet flexible bonds exhibit an elongation-at-break of 160%. The operating temperature range is impressive, from 65°F to +400°F ( 64°C to 205°C). MS 151 optical adhesive is suitable for complex applications wherever and whenever a tough, elastic and optically transparent protection against adverse environmental conditions is required.

About Master Bond's Optical Adhesives:

Master Bond Inc is one of the leading adhesives manufacturers offering an extensive line of optical systems including both one and two component compounds and one-component UV curable compositions. Some of the outstanding characteristics of the optical adhesive are excellent light transmission, superior non-yellowing properties and a high refraction index.

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