Screen Recorder Software includes zoom and pan function.

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Able to create interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations, and training, Instant Demo v7.0 Windows screen recorder has zoom and pan feature that enlarges important details of screen recording, providing full visual quality when viewing at a screen size less than original recording. It provides video export to AVI format, Text to Speech technology, background sound with automatic volume control, and 5 customizable playback control styles.

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Zoom and Pan with Mike and Mary Using Instant Demo v7.00

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo v7.0, a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations and training. Version 7.0 introduces a zoom and pan function that provides full visual clarity when replaying on a smaller screen. Instant Demo v7.0 also introduces high quality video in the AVI format, Text to Speech technology, background sound with automatic volume control, and five new customizable playback control styles.

Instant Demo v7.0 introduces a new zoom and pan feature that enlarges important details of the screen recording. This provides full visual quality when viewing at a screen size less than the original recording. Zooming is done during editing by dragging a rectangle around the region to be enlarged. When editing, the zoom region is displayed throughout, and can be easily repositioned or resized with the mouse. The zoom region can automatically follow the mouse activity, creating a zoom and pan presentation in a few easy steps.

Instant Demo v7.0 provides high quality video export to the AVI format. Instant Demo supports all major AVI encoding technologies including MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC. The AVI format allows publishing to Blu-ray, HDTV, DVD, CD, YouTube, Windows Media Player and mobile devices. All sound and special effects, including zoom and pan, are exported.

Callout text in a video presentation is an intuitive and effective way to communicate with the audience. Instant Demo v7.0 enhances this approach by providing a narrated sound track using the Microsoft Speech to Text technology. The narration can read the callout text entered, or an optional alternate message can be spoken. The standard Windows voices such as Microsoft Mike or Mary can be used, or any third party Text to Speech engine that is Windows enabled.

Instant Demo v7.0 introduces background sound with automatic volume mixing. A musical score can be included in the presentation, with Instant Demo automatically lowering the music volume when speech is detected in the main soundtrack. This provides a professional sound stage with a single click of the mouse.

Instant Demo v7.0 includes five new Windows Vista style playback controls. The color of the controls can be fully customized to suit the author's requirements. The playback controls' information button can provide authorship details and link to a web address. The new control styles add a state-of-the-art appearance to the presentations.

Whether you're a promoter who needs to create a self-running demo that prospects can view with their favorite web browser, a tech support person who needs to reduce support costs by providing self-study tutorials, or a software trainer who needs to create compelling Flash movies that explain how to use an application, Instant Demo v7.0 has the tools that you need.

Instant Demo v7.0 runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP and Vista. Purchase securely on-line at .

Company Name: NetPlay Software
Address 1: Tamarind Drive
Address 2: Unanderra
City: Wollongong
Zip: 2526
Country: Australia


Contact Name: Aaron Balint
Organization: NetPlay Software
Title: Instant Demo

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