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Enabling simultaneous, real-time wireless voice/data connectivity in emergency situations, eCallDirect(TM) provides responders with vehicle identification, direction, location, and severity of accident data. Featuring automatic call routing with data, it reduces time to engage emergency responder. Software uses standard digital cellular protocols and services while meeting European eCall (in-vehicle emergency call system) requirements.

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Aeris Announces eCallDirect: A Breakthrough Communications Solution for Telematics

Enables Rapid & Reliable Voice Call Set Up, Simultaneous With Life-Critical Data With No Additional Hardware or Software Costs

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 22 -- Aeris® (, the leading network services provider for wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) fixed and mobile communications services, today announced Aeris® eCallDirect(TM), an innovative communications solution providing simultaneous, real-time, wireless voice and data connectivity for use in emergency situations. eCallDirect enables fast, accurate and automatic call routing with data, reducing the time needed to engage an emergency responder and the processing time at the call center. Additionally, the solution meets European eCall (in-vehicle emergency call system) requirements.

"Quick, accurate and reliable communications are vital in crisis situations," said Chris Purpura, senior vice president of marketing at Aeris. "eCallDirect is all digital -- providing precise details to call center operators faster and cheaper than antiquated, dead-end modem solutions. As a network operator, Aeris ensures the vehicle data is always accurate and delivered to the emergency services call center correctly every time."

Aeris manages its specialized network infrastructure from a fully redundant network switching center, purpose-built to eliminate latency and deliver real-time, simultaneous data and voice communications. eCallDirect uses standard digital cellular protocols and services, requiring no proprietary modem hardware nor additional software license fees.

"eCallDirect perfectly suits the requirements of the European eCall initiative, making it a global solution for vehicle manufacturers," said Paul Drysch, vice president of telematics at Aeris.

eCall provides vehicle identification, direction, location and the severity of an accident to emergency responders in the initial data communication. Response organizations, telecom providers, services providers and vehicle manufacturers are urged to undertake the necessary actions and investments to make eCall a global standard in the next few years.

"We are in formal evaluations and live field trials with a number of major automotive OEMs and telematics service providers in both North America and Europe and are pushing the envelope to help make eCall a standard safety feature," said Drysch.

eCallDirect technology is commercially available in the Aeris CDMA footprint in North America today, and a European launch is being planned with Aeris's carrier partners.

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Aeris® is the leading machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless network operator in North America. Through its unique AerFrame(TM) M2M platform, and in partnership with more than 30 wireless carriers, Aeris delivers rugged, real-time managed data delivery for mission critical applications such as life-safety and security, high-value asset tracking, and numerous other fixed and mobile wireless applications. Recognized by CTIA with a Wireless Emerging Technology Award in 2006, AerFrame provides customers with wireless connectivity tailored to their specific application requirements -- virtually any protocol, including specialized enhancements available only from Aeris -- all delivered through configurable web services designed for the requirements of each application. Today, Aeris provides service to over one million customer devices. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-GO-AERIS.

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