GIS Software helps extract precise location information.

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GeoLocator(TM) precision-based tool scans unstructured text to locate populated places and provide their respective geocoordinates. Aligned locations are output as Extensible Markup Language (XML), which facilitates integration into existing systems and workflow. Geographical Intelligence software works with NASA World Wind mapping software to allow visual analysis and map-based linkages with other data.

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Digital Reasoning Releases Geographic Intelligence Software

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Dec. 12 - Digital Reasoning® Systems Inc., the intelligence-software innovator, today announced the release of GeoLocator(TM), version 1.0.

GeoLocator(TM) is a precision-based tool that extracts populated places from unstructured text, while providing their respective geo-coordinates. GeoLocator(TM) finds locations in a body of unstructured documents. Once GeoLocator(TM) determines a given term is a location, it aligns that location with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) coordinates and outputs the aligned location using industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML). This use of XML allows for easy integration into existing systems and workflow. GeoLocator(TM) works out-of-the-box with NASA World Wind mapping software, allowing for visual analysis and map-based linkages with other data.

"We are positioning GeoLocator(TM) in the intelligence community (IC) as an alternative to limited, existing market offerings. According to our preliminary tests, it appears that our solution is more accurate out of the box and substantially more cost-effective," said Harry Schulz, Vice President of Product Development for Digital Reasoning® Systems.

Map-based visualization systems require GIS coordinates in order to accurately tag a map with precise location information. This, however, leaves a critical hole in those solutions when it comes to unstructured data. Certain analysts estimate that on average only 5% of unstructured data in the IC has geospatial coordinates embedded in documents. The remaining 95% of documents which mention locations do not contain proper GIS coordinates. Intelligence analysts must manually mark-up each of these documents to extract the locations and align these locations to proper coordinates. This is a time- consuming and painstaking process.

"We know from our customers and partners that extracting and generating usable geospatial intelligence from unstructured data is a key problem for many operational concerns in the IC and other related agencies. Our approach marries the unique and powerful technologies behind our unstructured data analytics engine with effective geospatial reasoning logic to produce precise results on noisy data without substantial investments in customized training and modules that only tend to function well on a subset of a customer's data. The bottom line is that GeoLocator produces solid results out of the box without the same level of training and customization that previous approaches have required. It really is a next generation solution to this problem," said Tim Estes, Chief Executive Office for Digital Reasoning® Systems.

About Digital Reasoning®

Founded in 2000, Digital Reasoning® is a privately held company based in Brentwood, Tennessee. Born out of the belief that some day all software would learn, the company spent the first five years of its existence conducting extensive research into the nature and types of machine-learning systems, their inherent limitations and their potential application to difficult problems such as natural language processing and unstructured data analytics.

It was during the initial research phase that Digital Reasoning® founder Tim Estes created the concepts behind Digital Reasoning®, which is the company's patent-pending breakthrough in machine-learning and natural language processing.

Digital Reasoning® provides UDA solutions that enable organizations to reduce costs as well as increase revenue and customer satisfaction by mining and analyzing the over 80% of data that is unstructured and currently untapped.

Digital Reasoning® is a rapidly growing firm that is intent on becoming the leader in the UDA market with best-of-breed solutions and unwavering customer focus.

Digital Reasoning® is headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, with a sales office in Fairfax, VA.

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