Identification System finds counterfeit products.

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Utilizing digital image of original product stored in secure server, Fingerprint(TM) solution authenticates original products and immediately identifies counterfeits. Solution uses standard scanner to capture image of object needing identification and sends image over Internet to secured server for comparison. Mathematical algorithms allow comparison of image of object with stored reference images.

Original Press Release:

AlpVision Fingerprint(TM): A Breakthrough in Authenticating Original Products Without Additional Marking

AlpVision, a leading company in developing digital solutions for tracing grey markets and in fighting counterfeiting, announces Fingerprint(TM), an innovative authentication process requiring no additional markings. Based on a digital image of the original product stored in a secure server, AlpVision's Fingerprint(TM) solution authenticates original products and immediately identifies counterfeits.

Every manufactured object contains unique characteristics that come directly from its manufacturing process. For example, a machining or moulding leaves unique "prints" related to the tooling and the raw material (plastics, metals, leather) used. There are always unique, microscopic differences on each and every part of a product. And these differences can be used to identify the object if there is a technical means to capture them.

Based on substantial know-how built up while developing digital technologies to protect packaging and printed documents, AlpVision has patented a process that uses a standard scanner to capture an image of an object needing identification. This image is sent over the Internet to a secured server for later comparison when needed. The server contains the digital prints of genuine objects as well as any previously identified as counterfeits in the markets. Sophisticated mathematical algorithms allow comparison of the image of an object with millions of stored reference images in a matter of seconds. The return verdict: genuine, counterfeit or unknown.

Roll outs are being completed for the Swiss watch-making industry. The AlpVision Fingerprint(TM) process can track and trace every watch model during its lifetime.

This solution opens new possibilities to authenticate and track and trace original products in the global marketplace handling multiple supply chains, without any additional markings.

Many applications are being developed for various types of products. First in line are products such as food, small bottles cosmetics, medical instruments, luxury products, automotive parts, and airplane parts.

Company Information:
Name: AlpVision SA
Address: Rue du Clos 12
City: Vevey
Zip: CH-1800
Country: Switzerland
Phone: +4121 948 6464

For more information, please contact
Roland Meylan,
Corporate Communications Manager,
Telephone: +4121 948 6464

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