800mm Wide Slitting & 8 Position Computerized Smartwinder-Xl

Independent Machine Co. of Fairfield, NJ has developed an advanced converting system for slitting and traverse winding tension sensitive nonwoven materials wound into 32" wide x 48"OD spools of extremely long length . The Smartwinder - XL spooling modules move the spool under the fixed input of the slit to enable wide width material to easily move from slitting to the spool without lateral movement.

The driven unwind accommodates 2 meter diameter supply rolls and includes a ramped "kitchen" area where an additional waiting roll is staged. Upon expiration of the running roll, the next roll and shaft are rolled into place and the shaft is pneumatically secured in the running positions. The programmable impulse heat seal with hold down clamps enables the supply rolls to be butt spliced.

The main speed reference slitting station includes entry and exit "S" wrap pull rolls with an interchangeable shear section between them. A fixed position spreader roll located prior to slitting eliminates wrinkles.

Each of the (4) 2-Position cantilevered Smartwinder-XL traverse winding positions has a microprocessor-based traverse assembly that provides programmable winding patterns for pitch, stroke length, end dwell and winding pattern by laterally moving the spool through Smartwinders software.

Precise programmable rewind tension at each position accurate to within 7
grams is controlled by a closed loop follower drive system through the exclusive
IMC Dancer/Tension Controller with a 25:1 tension range. The operator
Touchscreen has recipe storage capability for all winding operating parameters
and machine Panelview Touchscreen.

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