80/20®'s Combination Screw-In Connector: No Profile Machining Required

80/20®'s combination screw-in connector, made of zinc-plated steel, is compatible with their 15, 40 and 45 Series T-slotted aluminum profiles. This unique fastener makes 90 degree connections of T-slotted profiles without machining...a real cost saver. These connectors may be positioned in two opposite T-slots for a stronger connection. The connector assembly includes a threaded barrel, M8 socket head cap screw and drop-in T-nut.

To install, place the self-tapping threaded barrel into the T-slot using 80/20's T-50 Torx® L-wrench. Insert the M8 screw through the bushing, then align or pre-load the T-nut. Position the second profile and tighten.

To learn more about 80/20®'s fasteners, connectors and T-slotted aluminum framing profiles, visit www.8020.net or contact:

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